Monday, September 30, 2013

Lacey Lady-Like Lindsey

I felt like going for a bright, sweet, vintage look today to match the bright, sunny weather (finally! after the rain all weekend). I also wanted to go back to my favorite fashion inspiration: vintage. Since starting the fashion blog, I've tried to push myself out of my comfort zone. But vintage silhouettes are my bread and butter. Flattering to a pear-shaped lady and so girly. 

This dress is so gorgeous: the color, the tulle, the length, the lace. It's so flattering and feminine. And did I mention the color? Electric blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. It's such a bold color and it's very much on trend. I'm quite pleased with how the little cardigan went nicely with the dress. I bought it on a whim while grocery shopping but I haven't worn it yet because it's kind of a strange length. Luckily, it hits me right at the waist, as does the dress. The cardigan covers up me nicely too because I feel like the dress has too much exposed up top for work. To finish the look off, I paired my sunglasses and red belt for an extra pop of color. Such a happy look! 

Dress: H&M | Sweater: Homeplus | Belt: Thrift Store | Shoes: Thrift Store | Sunglasses: Target | Earrings: Gift | Watch: Citizen Eco-drive 

Lindsey Look Book: Monthly Recap

I started this blog 1 month ago and it's been an amazing month! And I'm just getting started! I am overwhelmed by all the kind, encouraging words. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you out there reading! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tights, Tribal Print, and Conspiracies

Let me introduce you to my beautiful riding boots, Dede. Finding riding boots for me is ridiculously difficult. My feet are a size 6 1/2 but my calves are... not. Buying boots wasn't going to happen for me at a thrift store so I finally broke down and bought the expensive ones. I have a hard time spending a lot of money on clothes but my mom pushed for these boots. I'm so glad she did!

I've been so excited to wear this mini skirt ever since I got it from a friend who was leaving the country. When someone leaves Korea, they have so much stuff to give away and I will always gladly help a fellow fashionista lighten their load! ;-) I've been waiting to wear the skirt because it is waaaay short and there is no way I was going to wear it without tights or leggings. Which leads me to my other obsession: tights. Tights are an easy, fun way to add personality to any outfit. 

Shirt: Gift | Skirt: Forever 21 | Tights: Target | Boots: DSW | Ring & Earrings & Bracelet: Clothing Swap

Friday, September 27, 2013

Art in Progress: Fashion Influencing My Art

Posts this next week might be a little more sporadic than usual. I have one more week to finish up my projects for the art show next week. Here's a little sneak-peek of what I'm working on. Fashion always seems to influence my artwork. I prefer working with lots of colors (just like my clothes) and I love dramatic photos that I recreate. I'm not the most original but I like how the finish product evolves from my inspiration. 

If you're in the area, please come to the show! Not only is there me but 16 other very talented expats. I love the shows almost as much as doing the art because it gives me a chance to wear something fancy, drink wine, and meet new people. Make sure you say hi to me if you come! :) 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sequins, Stripes, and Shadows (Black and White)

Lately I'm so obsessed with black-and-white outfits. You just can't go wrong with it. You would have to try really, really hard not create a great look. It's chic, classic yet trendy, bold but not too loud. People tell me that only I can pull off some of the color combos I do (not true) but I can understand their hesitation. Well, then the black and white look is for you! And chances are, you already have what you need in your closet! 

For this outfit, I choose two of my most beloved pieces. This sequin top I bought at a thrift store years ago - either before sequins were really huge or I felt bold enough to wear it. I'm glad I went with my gut and kept it all these years - it has so much potential! One problem with it though is that while it's a tank top technically, it's made out of this thick sweater-like knit so it's hot and scratchy. Now that it's getting cooler, I can comfortably wear it with another cotton tank top underneath. The skirt is another thing I was instantly attracted to. It's such a playful yet daring little skirt. It's great because the stripes are placed meticulously to flatter my figure and on top of it all, there are pockets! 

What is your best black and white look? Tell me about it! Or better yet, SHOW ME! Send me an email at with a photo attached, a short description of your look and your name. I'll feature the best looks in my blog. 

Shhh... don't tell but these are actually two different charms I've collected over the years. 

Top: Goodwill | Skirt: Korean Thrift Store | Shoes: Chinese Laundry (Goodwill) | Earrings: Handmade by me, Lindsey Dish! | Watch: Citizen Eco-drive | Belt: Thrift Store | Sunglasses: Eunhang Underground

What's Black, White and Fashionable All Over? 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Is As Close As I'm Getting To The Camo Trend This Year

I think this look comes off as very military-inspired which wasn't my intention. But somehow this outfit just came together organically (I love when that happens). When I first got this vest at a clothing swap, I wasn't exactly sold on it. I had no idea how to stylize it. But I'm glad I got it now. This dress is just way too tight to do anything but have a hot date or a night on the town. But throw on the vest and it covers up the booty perfectly. 

And speaking of military looks, let's talk camo. My well-dressed man-friend and I were hanging out this past weekend and HE was the one who noticed all the camo prints walking past (Koreans tend to be extremely fashionable). Kudos for him for picking up on the trend because I had no idea until he opened my eyes to it. Personally, I can't stand camo print. Maybe it's because I'm from Georgia where the camo you see tends to be on Duck Dynasty-looking guys. But who knows? I usually favor very feminine looks and I'm pretty crazy about the military look I'm wearing. Maybe I'll eventually give in to the camo trend. Below I have pictures of the two camo looks that I think do work beautifully. 

What about you? Camo: nay or yay?

Dress: Forever 21 (Clothing Swap) | Vest: Armani Exchange (Clothing Swap) | Shoes: Guess | Earrings: Premier Designs  

Two Camo Looks That I Like:

Also, if you live in South Korea, get a lil' culture in. I will be participating in my 3rd art show in 2 weeks! Come check me and my talented friends, enjoy sparkling conversation, delicious drinks and the feeling of pretending to be a grown-up. 
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