Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rainbow Bus

Funny story about taking these photos: there's a little parking lot near my house that where all these 80's-looking buses park for the night. I've been eyeing the perfect one, making notes of the varying colored stripes to snap some photos in front of them (cause that's how my mind works - always assessing areas for future shoots). It was early so not all the buses were there yet but that was perfect because there wasn't a lot of activity going on. We were going along our merry way, voguing it up in front of this bus when a guy climbed in and drove off! Lol. I just had to laugh because there went our "shoot location"! But it doesn't matter, because I still got what I needed. :) 

For me, I guess it's not a weekend until I'm wearing a crop top. I try to buy clothes that could typically be worn for work so I can get more wear out of them and I feel more comfortable dressing somewhat conservatively. But for my days off, I just don't want to feel like an elementary teacher.  So I took this sweet floral button up and just tied it - voila! Ready to party. I love this top because with the pockets on the bust and the puffy wide-shoulders it reminds me of the 40's. 

This past weekend I've been working on my new upcoming Travel Bug post for Modcloth! I'm so excited to show you all the photos and show you my favorite places in Singapore. Stay tuned! 

What have you been up to all weekend? For my American readers, did you have a good Memorial day? 

  Shirt & Skirt: Thrifted (Forever 21) | Shoes: Uptown Cheapskate | Purse: Macy's (similar) | Earrings: Bugis Market 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wild Horses

I love being able to throw on a cute little dress and just GO. I had forgotten about this dress in the back of my badly organized closet. I bought it for $2 at my local Uptown Cheapskate (a trend-curated consignment shop) when I was at home this past December. Year-round Singapore summers for the win!
And this dress is so darling: the peter pan collar, horse print, and chiffon, flowy fabric. A few fun accessories and I'm ready to run!  
Have you found any good deals lately? 

Dress: Uptown Cheapskate (Target) | Sandals: Madewell | Headband: Korea | Earrings: Bugis Market | Purse: Gift | Ring: Accesorize 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Coming Up Rosy

Last month we went to Thailand for a three day weekend again (I don't think we can ever get enough of Thailand!) Nothing is more perfect than being on the beach, wind in your hair and of course, the perfect beach attire. I threw just a few easy pieces into my backpack including my trusty crop top and a floral maxi skirt. 
What is your favorite beach-ready outfit?

Crop Top: Clothing Swap | Skirt: Australian Salvation Army | Purse: Ecuador | Flower headband: Thailand | Necklace: Lovisa | Watch: Little India, Singapore

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Basic Boho

When Carly from A Walk in the Park posted a photo-inspiration of the little black dressed styled bohemianly (yes, I just made "boho" into an adverb!) I instantly thought, Hey! I can do that too! It was such an exciting realization because I already had the essentials in my closet! I love to always be assessing, judging and figuring out how I can emulate another blogger's outfit or a perfect a pinterest style. But sometimes I have to shut it down. The thoughts in my head start saying, "You have to buy that. You need that. That will be perfect and give you everything you need." 
Like I said. Shut. It. Down. 
I don't want my life to be about always buying things. I don't want my blog to be either. I mean, I love a good shopping spree same as the next girl. But I constantly try to minimize my purchases. At the end of the day, I would rather spend my money on plane tickets and make memories. 
So anyways, back to this outfit. I didn't need to buy anything! Yay! It was the perfect casual and easy outfit to meet Sara for coffee.  

Source: A Walk in the Park 
Dress: TJ Maxx | Vest: New 2 U Thrift store | Shoes: Rack Room | Bag: Thrift store (Korea) | Necklaces: Lovisa  

Photos by Sara Moulton

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Being a Redhead

"Is your hair naturally red…?" is something that I get asked a lot. I wish it was because it would allow me to be a lot more lazy! But my hair color is very much enhanced. And I love being a redhead! I think it compliments my baby blues, my skin tone and my freckles. But it also matches nicely with my personality. I'm rarely ever shy and I never take myself too seriously. I'm pretty goofy and bubbly and I love a good adventure. You can't be a redhead and not get noticed! I highly recommend being a redhead at least once in your life. 
Madison Reed is a natural hair color company that I've recently discovered. I've yet to try their product but I love the idea of setting up deliveries where your hair dye shows up at your door just when you need it! (For me, every 4-6 weeks). I also like their interactive website that helps pick out the perfect shade for you - the perfect virtual stylist!  
So what do you think, sassy pants? Is being a redhead for you?

 Shirt: Wal-Mart | Earrings: Bugis Market | Ring: Accessorize 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Everything is Better With Pink

You ever slip out an outfit and instantly feel like: damn, I'm as fresh as a daisy? That's how I felt wearing this. Let's go down the list of why I'm loving it: 
peter pan collars
big buttons
heart sunglasses
and the cherry on top: ice cream cone earrings which literally have cherries on top.
An outfit short and sweet!

Shirt: Salvation Army (Singapore) | Skirt: Thrift Store (Korea) | Purse, Earrings & Sunglasses: Bugis Market | Hat: H&M | Shoes: Uptown Cheapskate
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