Thursday, May 7, 2015

Being a Redhead

"Is your hair naturally red…?" is something that I get asked a lot. I wish it was because it would allow me to be a lot more lazy! But my hair color is very much enhanced. And I love being a redhead! I think it compliments my baby blues, my skin tone and my freckles. But it also matches nicely with my personality. I'm rarely ever shy and I never take myself too seriously. I'm pretty goofy and bubbly and I love a good adventure. You can't be a redhead and not get noticed! I highly recommend being a redhead at least once in your life. 
Madison Reed is a natural hair color company that I've recently discovered. I've yet to try their product but I love the idea of setting up deliveries where your hair dye shows up at your door just when you need it! (For me, every 4-6 weeks). I also like their interactive website that helps pick out the perfect shade for you - the perfect virtual stylist!  
So what do you think, sassy pants? Is being a redhead for you?

 Shirt: Wal-Mart | Earrings: Bugis Market | Ring: Accessorize 


  1. Being a red head would def not suit me! I just wanted to comment amf say I am v jealous of you getting such a cute top from Walmart!

  2. I love feeling fierce with red hair! It's just a bit high-maintenance for me to keep it up unfortunately. :/ I'm lucky if I step foot in a salon once a year...haha

    And Prianka! I think you'd look like a badass rocker chic with red hair actually!

    1. I agree Jessica! You definitely look fierce with red hair! Just hope to get lots of grey like me and you'll be running into the salon. :-P
      I'm also with you with Prianka - let's see if we can convince her!

  3. Your hair is such a beautiful,vibrant colour! x


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