Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gimmie Some Sugar!

I saw this top and knew it was going to be mine even if it didn't fit my North American bustline. I was shopping in the maze of Bugis Street where they sell tons and tons of cheap, trendy and adorable clothing from China. The catch is that they won't let you try things on; you can hold it up to your body but that's it. So even though the petite sales lady looked skeptically at my lovely lady lumps, I instantly said, "I'll take it!" For $10 I was willing to take a chance on this pastel perfection with embroidered cupcakes. AND it's got polka dots and a crisp white collar. I  It's unfortunate that my camera in it's pathetic-dying state didn't do this flawless pale pink top justice. 

 Shirt, Earrings & Headband: Bugis Street | Skirt & Belt: Goodwill | Watch: Gift | Sunglasses: Modcloth 


  1. aw thats so cute! and great sunglasses too.
    Sometimes you just have to go for things!!


  2. Ahhh I can totally relate to the 'bust being too big for the button up shirt' dilemma. This one was totally worth it though! What an adorable collar and print! And I really adore the sunglasses.

  3. Your hair is so adorable! Love red on you!

  4. Beautiful use of color! I love this!

    - Anna


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