Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been trying to do a fall appropriate outfit here on the equator and third time is a charm! It was raining the other day so I took the opportunity of the cooler weather to wear one of my favorite long-sleeve shirts (and I only have three here!) Everyone says that animal print is a neutral so I tried out that theory with this cheery Modcloth polka dot skirt. It's a bit much but I ended up really loving the combo. To go along with the prim look, I put on my Mary Janes and tied a ribbon around my collar. 

I'd like to think that if I was home for Thanksgiving, I would wear something like this. Instead, my boyfriend and I ate pasta at the National Museum and then watched a modern dance performance (and NO, I did not drag my boyfriend - he really likes going to new things like this). The museum is so beautiful at night and the area is all decorated for Christmas. Although, it's definitely weird seeing Santa in his suit when it's blazing hot outside. Even though we had a yummy meal, extraordinary entertainment and I was with my boo, don't get it twisted - what I wouldn't do for some green bean casserole, buttery mashed potatoes, squash casserole and pecan pie. Mmmmm! Eat some for me! What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I hope everyone has a lovely time with their friends and family and has bunches to be thankful for! I know I do. 

 Skirt Modcloth (it's on sale right now! If you hurry, you can get it for $13!) | Shirt: Liz Clairborne (Goodwill, America) | Shoes: Homeplus, Korea 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Grandma Chic

This is another post that I promise I was trying to make fall-like. I have the most perfect boots that I wanted to wear with this dress but alas, these gorgeous Guess boots are waiting for me in the U.S. 
I also don't own another cardigan to throw over this. Guess my chilly-wear posts will have to wait until I'm home for Christmas! 
When I saw this dress at the thrift store I thought, Is this ugly or cute? The bodice is definitely weird, especially with the ruffles sitting on my hips. The dress reminds me of the late 80's/90's when everything was country chic. My mom is an interior decorator and I remember looking through all her decor magazines as a kid with photos of florals sofas and wicker furniture. Even how the skirt button ups reminds me of the 90's. In the end, I decided I liked it. 

Dress & Purse: New2U Thrift Shop | Shoes: Modcloth

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mixing Prints

I've been trying really hard to do relevant fall-inspired posts… but y'all, IT'S SO HOT HERE in Singapore. This is as close as I've gotten so far; I'm wearing a cardigan! Does that count as fall-esque?! I barely have closed-toed shoes over here but less fall boots (don't worry, they are tucked safely away at my parents' place in the US). 

Either way, I think this outfit is so fun. I especially love the crop top. It actually used to be part of a dress but the dress wasn't that flattering so snip snip! I couldn't get rid of it because of the awesome print and the adorable trim. Not to mention the cross on the back and the way it kind of shimmies when I move; a great, fun summer top. 

The skirt I got at my thrift store here. I am absolutely in lurrrrrrve with the cut of the skirt - it's almost a maxi but instead of a circle skirt flaring out from the waist, it hugs my hips; very flattering I think. And the print is so weird; it borders on ugly-cute and I love it. I think I wear this skirt at least once a week to work. 

Last thing to pull it all together is my mesh oversized cardigan. Here's another crop top look with this cardigan. We went to go see Interstellar (did not expect that to be such an emotional roller coaster) in theaters and then to the Singapore Art Museum - two places that are notorious for blasting the AC. 

Besides these two outfits being my favorite things: crop tops and maxi skirts, I also love the colors and play with patterns! I was skeptical at first but pairing them together really grew on me. I figured I followed the rule, so I'm okay. As long as the two patterns share the same color palette, it should work. I think I'm in the clear! 

Shirt: Clothing Swap | Skirt & Purse: New2U Thrift Shop | Sweater: Korean Thrift Store | Shoes: Cotton On

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Going On A Safari

Apparently, wherever the safari is, it's to the left where I keep looking in all these photos. 

I bought this dress the last time I was in Target. That is, summer 2013 aka the year of the high-low-hem. HOLY MOLY. Literally everything was a fish-tail hem in Target; I'm pretty sure I saw yoga pants that were high-low. Suffice it to say, it's never been my favorite trend. Especially when the high is  like… lady-bits high. But luckily, Target did this dress right. I like that it's more high-low maxi dress than high-class hooker, low-class hooker. What do you think of the trend?

Either way, Target you're still my BFF. I'm going home for Christmas and cannot wait to be shopping in good ol' USA. 

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