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Ask The Belted Pear: What Shoes to Wear with Winter Shorts

Ask The Belted Pear

This feature wasn't something I had planned on doing but sometimes the best things just fall into your lap. I've recently had friends email me questions about their fashion problems. I'm no expert by any means and I'm always learning new things, but I'll definitely try and help! So here is my new feature "Ask The Belted Pear". If you have a question that is about fashion, style, or being lazy, I'll be happy to  try and answer your question! You can send me an email at lindseydish@ymail.com or a message on my NEW! Facebook page (and don't forget to "like" it!)  

This feature has been really fun for me to do. I love playing with polyvore. It's like playing with paper dolls - I guess that's why it's a popular site. I think it's also great because it takes the person out of the fashion equation so you can easily imagine yourself in those clothes. 

I'm very flattered and a little terrified to answer these ladies questions. Especially because I consider them to already be very fashionable and know their shizz (no joke). Stay tuned for 2 more segments of this feature!  

What Shoes to Wear With Winter Shorts:
From my friend, Ingrid:
Dear Belted Pear - Help!
I've got a slew of tweed winter shorts... that I love but have no idea what kind of shoes or boots to wear with them. The key word in that last sentence is "winter" so regular high heels won't do. I need stylish, comfortable, and relatively warm footwear. What would you do?
Shoeless in Siberanada
Dear Shoeless in Siberanada,
You're in luck! One of this year's biggest shoe trends is booties! And I love booties: you can go low heel, low ankle (shoe 1 - and with the metallic toes, omg!). Or higher heel, higher ankle (shoes 2 & 3). While these do have heels on them, they're low enough and chunky enough that you really won't notice the difference. If anything, it just gives you that little boost to make your legs look longer in those little shorts! A particular bootie I'm currently obsessed with is the cowboy bootie (shoe 5) - a more modern version of the cowboy boot for the urban cowgirl. 

Another trend I'm digging on is winter wedges. They say if you love something you should set it free. If you find wedges you love, NEVER EVER set them free. Hang on to them for dear life and hold them together with super-glue if you have to (mine keep falling apart but I'm currently in denial). Again, these shoes vary in heel height (shoe 4 & 6) but they are much easier to stomp around in Siberanada than heels - and so much more comfortable! An extra bonus is if you get some fleece-lined ones, like in shoe 4.

And last but not least, is the classic riding boot. I bought some for this winter and now I'm mad at everyone around me who let me live without these. They make you feel and look instantly glamourous (I love how good leather will do that to a girl) and yet these things are so comfortable you could take on Genghis Khan's army. No heels at all necessary to look chic.

The great thing about all of these shoes is that they are classy and dressy enough to wear with tweed shorts. These are shoes that can easily be dressed up or dressed down. And they also make your legs look long and sleek - just what you want when you're wearing winter shorts!  

A tip when shopping for any of these shoes is wearing the correct socks. When I bought my riding boots, I was just using the thin nylon sockies they give you at the store and now when I try to squeeze my cozy, warm, fluffy-fleecey socked feet into my boots, my feet aren't happy. If you plan on wearing any of these shoes predominantly for winter, I would give yourself just a little wiggle room. 

And one more tip - tights! Layer up on tights. In the winter, I will wear ugly old, pilling tights (you know how they get bumpy when they get old) and then over them, my nicer tights or even tights that's fleece-lined! Another cool idea is to wear colored tights underneath and a funky patterned nylons over - it will still give you a tiny extra layer but will also look unique with the layering! Then to finish off the look, wear socks over all those tights and slip into your fabulous winter shoes!

Good luck with the cold in that far off winter wonderland, Ingrid!
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  1. Thank you for featuring me doll.

    Xo Brenna

  2. I like your style babe!
    especially the way you combine colors and 'odd' pieces :-)

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  3. Thank you, The Belted Pear! You've given me lots of options to consider. I particularly like the flatter ankle boots, the laced up booties, and, of course, the riding boots. And I love your advice about layering tights. I never would have thought of that!

    I've begun an on-line search for these styles and look forward to visiting my local malls for their holiday sales over the next few weekends.

    I'll be sure to share my finds with you and perhaps even send you a few photos of my new shorts'n'shoes combos.

    Thanks again for coming to my style rescue!


    Shoeless in Siberanada

  4. Thanks, Longuette!!

    Please post some photos! I would looooove to see! When I was walking in Eunhang Underground today I kept seeing MORE shoes I could have added, thinking "oo, those would have been good! Or oooo, THOOOSE!"
    My other fave I forgot: moccasins.

  5. This is such a great idea! And I love the looks you posted - nice work!

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict LA
    Recent DIY: DIY Lucite Perfume Clutch
    Recent post: Sassy City Chicks

  6. loved the collection of women casual shoes ....really stunning and attractive !!

  7. loved the whole collection of Shoes for Girls ....thanx for the post..;)


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