Friday, November 1, 2013

Spooky Style in Saddle Shoes

I had too much fun wearing this outfit all day! But that's what fashion is all about, right? Here's my interpretation of a festive Halloween outfit - a bit retro style - without the embarrassing tacky embroidered sweater vests. Black and orange with a skull scarf throw on for good measure. 

I went shopping on Wednesday and came across all these little gems: the skater skirt, the saddle shoes, and the retro glasses. I cannot believe I got those shoes for $10!! They're so comfortable and it's nice wearing something other than boots, sandals, or ballet flats. I also like that they have a lot of personality but they can match practically anything. Best part of all - I'm about to start swing dancing lessons soon and saddles shoes are perfect

For Halloween night, I watched scary movies on the big projector screen at my favorite bar.  My friends and I played rummy while trying not to scream at the scary parts. It was a cozy evening. What did you do Halloween night? 

Skirt, Shirt & Shoes: Korean Thrift Store | Scarf: 501 | Earrings & Glasses: Naughty Cat | Watch: Citizen

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