Monday, February 3, 2014

Living in a Life Magazine: Swimsuit for the Curvy Vintage Lover

I have been obsessed with vintage 50's/60's swimsuits for as long as I can remember. I never felt comfortable in a tiny bikini no matter what size I was - bottoms just never covered my bottom! So when the high-waisted bottoms became a trend - a more accessible one than just buying an actual vintage swimsuit, I had had HAD to find one. Which was not as easy as you might think. 

But I ended up lucking out sooo very well. I got this entire suit at Target! The bottoms are made by ASSETS which honestly, I thought looked like it was marketed towards plus-size matronly ladies. I wanted the bottoms to be high-waisted but not dumpy-looking. And I am about one size under plus-size, which as far as adorable swimsuits are concerned, is kind of a bummer because there are a lot of adorable ones I've found online that are exactly what I was looking for! So I tried on these bottoms but I figured they'd be a little too big in size or a little too big in granny-coverage. Well, hot dog if they weren't exactly what I was looking for! I'm a size 8 and I ended up getting the XL. My only complaint about the suit bottoms is that the material is a little strange for putting on sunscreen - the white shows up on it. So I recommend putting sun screen on before you put on the suit. They still have the bottoms up on Target's website (and they're in spa blue as well, I see!) 

The top is from Mossimo, which I'm sorry to say is no longer on the Target website. I wanted to get a suit top that had underwire and push-up padding. Yup, I wanted bigger bazookas. Not because I wanted a more sexy swim suit (although that might be an added perk) but because I wanted to balance out my larger lower half and enhance my little upper-half. I was tired of those little triangle clothes that did nothing to help me out. I love how the black and white stripes adds to the vintage feel, almost giving it a nautical vibe. However, I'm not sure if I would ever get a black and white bathing suit ever again. The chlorine turns the white yellow and it's a chore to try and keep the white fresh when you swim as much as I do. This top will probably have to go soon, but the good news is my bottoms can stay - they match everything!! 

oh and p.s. - the entire swim suit was $50!

This is probably the first swim suit I've ever owned where I feel 100% comfortable in my body and I feel like I look great. I've tried the tankini thing but while I am comfortable in it, I feel like I look slumpy and boring - not my style at all. But with this, I feel like everything I want covered is, I don't have to worry about alway sucking in my stomach, having my lil belly hang out unflatteringly or mooning someone - the swimsuit just makes sure it's right where it needs to be at all times. I don't think I will ever go back to regular bottoms - it's too much fun feeling like you're in a Life magazine! 

I think every girl deserves a swim suit where she says to herself, Heck yeeeeah, I look goooood! I hope you find one that works for you! Would you ever wear high-waisted swim suit bottoms?

Swimsuit Bottoms: Target | Swimsuit Top: Target (similar) | Sunhat: Gift | Sunglasses: H&M


  1. Wow, that's a stunning bathing suit! I've actually never looked at the bathing suits at Target. My excuse is that it's new(ish) to Canada, not that I've lived under a rock :)

    I'm always a bit self conscious about the bottoms, so I'm going to have to check for those ones at my Target.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  2. You look awesome!
    I love the black and white. I really love almost anything with a high waist. I have a long torso, so high waist bottoms are really great to elongate legs, and it has that classic vintage look that I love

  3. You have a beautiful hourglass silhouette! Positively retro! <3

    - Anna

  4. You look amazing in this bathing suit, such a perfect find at Target!

  5. Such a cute bathing suit!! Target is the best.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Now,I want to go for vocation! Come over to enter the Victoria Secret giveaway.

  7. Loved this post and been looking at it a lot to choose some swimwear. Inspired to buy this from asos, and it's pretty damn cute. Thanks for hte inspiration, as always ^^

    Esprit Simpson Bay High Waist Shaping Bikini Bottom

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