Thursday, February 13, 2014

Take me to the Bus Stop

Ya know when you see something and you just gotta have it? That's what happened with this dress. Outside my new job are a bunch of little vendors that sell cheap clothing, shoes and bags. I always walk by there practically breaking my neck perusing. While I see a lot of things I like, nothing has compelled me to pull out my wallet. Until this dress. It's pretty near perfect and is something I've been wanting for a while. Last week, I saw a girl on the street wearing a white and red striped dress and I instantly fell in love. The dress looked so fresh and polished but yet casual. When I was walking past the vendors on Sunday, I saw this and instantly bought it (for $15!) 

Another reason why this dress is so perfect is the functionality. Dressing in Singapore (my new home by the way!) presents some new challenges: 
1) finding work-appropriate-wear that's not skimpy but still keeps you cool. 
This dress is sleeveless but still covers my bra, isn't too low in the front, and covers all my back. Check! 

2) finding work-appropriate-wear that is acceptable to sit the floor with kids.
It's just past my knees making it very comfortable to sit and play. Check! 

3) finding work-appropriate-wear that I would love even if I didn't wear it to work! 
I absolutely love the retro-nautical feel to this dress. I'd wear it with heels, to the beach... Yes, check! 

In Korea, I was a university professor; I could dress up pretty snazzy and because I was standing lecturing in the front of a classroom, I wasn't as limited in clothing choices. But now I teach little children and I'm running around all day. For the first few weeks, I was just wearing whatever worked. My thinking was, "Why am I going to get dressed up for 6-year-olds?" But then I realized I started not liking how I looked, I'd get this blah attitude. Then it occurred to me, I just need to do me for my own sake. Dressing up and feeling polished makes me feel better. And it worked! But man, wearing the jewelry, the make-up and the outfit really threw some of my little ones for a loop. One little boy stared at me for a while and kept pointing to his ears, lips, cheeks and hair saying, "Teacher... what... why? What... is... that...?" Like he couldn't decide what issue to address first. Finally he got out the question, "What is that on your ears?" Lol. Too cute. 

How does the way you dress change your attitude at work? Or does it?

Dress: Outside vendor, J-Cube | Tote Bag: Chinatown | Belt: Charlotte Russe (old) | Shoes: Goodwill | Scarf: Clothing Swap | Hat: Daiso | Earrings: Naughty Cat | Sunglasses: (red no longer available) 


  1. that's a great dress! love the retro vibes and red shades. Nothing beats a dress that looks great AND makes you FEEL great. Pure contentment.

  2. I have just found your blog. I love your outfits!



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