Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Have Nothing to Hide But A Lot of Polka Dots to Show

I'm elated to bring you this post for two reasons: 
1. I get to show you my new dreamy Vedette Shapewear.
2. This is my first official Belted Pear post after our big move to Singapore!!  I figured doing a photo shoot at the Chinese Gardens would be a perfect place to show you a little piece of my new home. 

Yes, Vedette was so kind to send me another gorgeous shapewear corset! (You can see me wearing Aimee shapewear here). I am absolutely in love with Veronique shapewear - a pale lavender with polka dots down the front and underwire trim. I love how this design looks so flirty, feminine and darling. The corset gives a nod to lingerie without being too overwhelming - just that little hint with the black trim under the bust line. And the polka dots! (I've been come obsessed lately with polka dots.) Not only is the shapewear divine-looking, it does all the fantastic things shapewear should. It gives a little extra "hello!" to my bosom and then slims and smooths down the rest of me. I felt like I had such a tiny waist when I wearing this! 

Because this little Vedette shapewear is so lighthearted and dainty I kept the theme going with one of my favorite little skirts. Isn't that feather print just scrumptious? The skirt actually used to be a dress but I hated the top part so off with its head! I just couldn't bear to part with the print. And just to go extra kooky, I had to add another print with this black and white polka dot scarf. I recently started doing the no-shampoo method and man, is my hair detoxing now! To hide the nasty, greasy mess that it is, I've been wrapping it up like crazy. But I absolutely feel in love with how the whole outfit turned out - a little whimsical and retro. 

Click to see more sassy designs at: which is currently having a Valentine's sale!!

Shapewear: Vedette | Shrug: Homeplus | Skirt: Eunhang Underground | Belt: Charlotte Russe (old) | Scarf: Goodwill | Sunglasses: H&M | Shoes: Homeplus 


  1. As if you got that shrug at Homeplus!!

    Srsly you are the queen of all things shopping.

  2. the print of the skirt- awesome! I can't get over how epic that looks.

  3. You look absolutely stunning! Love these colors!

    - Anna


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