Friday, February 28, 2014

In Them Cut-Off Jeans

"When woman find the right person, they just ... disappear for six months, and then resurface, eyes shiny, and usually six pounds heavier." - How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran. 

First of all, if you happen to love clever, witty, intelligent and funny women, you must run - not walk - to get How To Be A Woman. It's a similar vein to Tina Fey's Bossypants or Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? - part memoir, part essay and a full-on lady who doesn't take (too much) bullshit.

But I digress. This post isn't about one of my favorite books, it's about my favorite pair of shorts. Before I met my boyfriend, I could shimmy into these suckers no problem. But then, well... I disappeared and resurfaced too chubby to wear these. If I had to choose a trade-off, I'd always always choose fat and happy over distressed denim. Luckily though, I don't have to! When I came to Singapore, I picked back up one of my favorite hobbies - swimming. Once I realized I had lost a little weight these puppies were the first things I tried back on. They don't fit like exactly like they used to but I'm pretty darn pleased all the same! 

These shorts were a Goodwill find that were once very frumpy mom 1990's Calvin Klein shorts. Exhibit A below. I totally distressed the crap out of them and am so thrilled how they turned out!   
I got to admit, I sometimes feel a little funny wearing them, though. I think I look pretty darn good in them but I worry that someone will think, "Her thighs are too chubby to be wearing that." And then I just think... 
and I wear 'em anyway. 

P.S. I HAVE to tell you about my shoes even though I was a naughty blogger who didn't get a photo of them (I was rushing to do these photos before work). You can see a better shot of them on my instagram. They are not only so cute, and soooooo comfortable (they weren't kidding when they said these were made for barefootists), they're ethically made! 

Shorts: Goodwill | Top: Modcloth | Sweater: Korean Thrift Store | Shoes: Flips Bare (similar) | Sunglasses: H&M | Rings, Earrings, and Bangles: all old 

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  1. Love your shoes! You look chic and cozy <3

    - Anna


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