Sunday, March 9, 2014

Singapore Staycationing

A little while back, my boyfriend and I went on an adventure. And by adventure, I mean we jumped in a taxi and then a motorized boat on a track. So really, like an adventure for 98-year-old. We've recently moved to Singapore and we've been having so much fun having a staycation every weekend. This day we picked the River Safari. I got to be honest though, if you decide to come here I wouldn't put it on the top of your list. There's mostly a bunch of catfish in murky water - if you wanna see that, I'll put you in touch with some of my Georgia friends! To be fair, we apparently went a couple days before the "official opening" (which we didn't know about until later, grrr) but I'm not sure that matters much. Either way, we still had a great time just putzing around and exploring together. 

So about my explorin' clothes: I recently bought this polo on a trip to the New2U thrift store in Bugis, one of the FEW thrift stores in Singapore. You heard me right... I can't seem to find much information about thrift stores here besides a handful. Please tell me they are just hidden away in a part of the city I haven't discovered yet!! I'm typically not a big fan of polos - almost too preppy for me - but I literally can't say no to mint recently. I decided to get it (who can beat the $4 price tag?) and work out how to wear it later. And by golly, I figured it out! Keep it prissy and lady-like by buttoning and brooching it up. 
How do you wear a polo?

My camera is dying a slow, painful death so I only snapped a couple (of terrible quality) with my camera and the rest ended up on my instagram. Which reminds me... anyone got suggestions on a DSLR camera a fashion blogger would love...? 
Shirt, Skirt and Brooch: Thrifted | Sandals, Earrings, and Purse: Bugis Street | Sunglasses: H&M


  1. Hey Lindsey! I just moved to Singapore recently too and was looking for thrift stores and/or clothes exchanges. I'll be checking back for updates!! :)

    Sorry about your camera :(

    I personally use a Nikon D300, though I think most DSLRs will be suitable for fashion blogging. But I'd want dials (some entry level ones don't have them) amongst other things. The D3300/D3200 seem to be solid performers.

    The lens is more important anyway, and Nikon/Canon primes are both fairly reasonable.

    Hope you find a camera you love!

    Alana //


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