Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I've Got Nothing to Hide (Blog Give-Away!)

When Vedette Shapewear contacted me to do a blog post styling their pieces, I was so excited! I love lingerie-inspired pieces as I'm a sucker for anything ultra-feminine. And what fashionista gal wouldn't wanna add some extra va-va-voom to their wardrobe? 

I gotta be honest, when I first pulled my Aimee bodysuit out of the packaging, I was a little apprehensive because the suit looked so tiny. But that's the cool thing about it - it's got some magic material that's crazy stretchy and durable. Once I slid into it, it fit fantastic and made me feel very smooth. It hugs my body really well without being uncomfortably tight. And maybe this was just in my head, but I felt like it made my posture better. Just how heels naturally makes you stand straighter, so did the shape wear. 

I paired the gorgeous, creamy bodysuit with my wool blazer and dressy tweed shorts. The blazer and color palette is a little severe for me, but the suit gives the outfit a feminine, softer touch and the shorts worn with tights show that this outfit isn't for the office. This is something I would wear to a date with my boyfriend or maybe out wine tasting with the girls. 

I did the photo shoot with the beautiful and talented Alla Ponomareva. She's great to work with because she has a great eye for such attention to detail and she's so calm (she could have been a scuba instructor but luckily, she's putting her talents to better use). We did the shoot on top of a skyscraper in the middle of the city. It had such a fantastic view of the city and the wind really added to the photos. 

Not only has this experience been exciting for me, but it can be exciting for you, too!! Vedette is kindly sponsoring a give-away for my blog and 3 lucky winners will be able to pick out their own shapewear from their Sensuale line.  

For the give-away you must: 
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The giveaway will finish on Nov. 21st, Thursday at midnight!

*If you are new to blogging giveaways, the app at the bottom of the page should take you through all of this step-by-step. 

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Shapewear (top): Vedette | Shorts: Target | Blazer: Thrift Store | Shoes: Thrift Store | Ring: Premier Designs | Earrings: Naughty Cat | Scarf: Korean Boutique Store | Sunglasses: Eunhang Underground 

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  1. I loved the way this Shapewear looked on you! I so want my own to wear to the ball I'm attending at the Bristish Embassy in late November! I think that would cause quite a few eyebrows and bowler hats to raise. ;)

  2. P.S. Forgot to leave my e-mail address for your giveaway!

  3. You look beautiful! As always of course, but still (:

    Where are you taking these pictures? I have been wanting to find a tall building with roof access in Daejeon for ages!

  4. LOVE this idea! Never thought of doing this, great way to make a masculine blazer look sensual & feminine! Definitely a confidence boosting outfit for everyone!

      Love your blog. Love the shapeware too!

  5. Much love from the redheadedrunner!


  6. I like the shape-wears in general, and this looks so flawless. Is something that I would wear on my thesis defense that will be by the end of next week.

  7. I need me a shapewear..... and this is lookin' good! I could even pair it a oversized sweater or a plaid flannel shirt..

  8. woah. You can actually see the silhouette of your belly button in that thing 0_o a little too bold pour moi but it looks great on you :)

  9. Girl you are so fierce! I would rock my some of that awesome shapewear with a black blazer and some torn up jeans and some kitten ears. Work it.

  10. These pictures are amazing! You two are quite a pair. Thanks for giving us a chance to get in on the action!
    rosieandjames at gmail dot com

  11. !!!! I need some va-va-va-voom in my life !!! ;)

  12. It looks absolutely great on you^^ And I love the shoes you are wearing, they are so unique!

  13. That looks real nice.

  14. Love the shapewear!

  15. I already have some shape lingerie, but this look great!!Women stress too much about their body, we should celebrate and enjoy it...Everyone can find something they feel pretty in:) Lovely before and after shorts.


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