Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dark Romance

I'm going to attempt to walk you through my creative process for this photo shoot but goodness knows, my process is usually full of nonsense and cheese. I had been almost ... craving... I guess craving is the right word, romantic but dark outfits. I just had this idea in my head that I wanted to create. I think I've been inspired a lot by Briar Rose Blog with her really adorable girly looks. I was also inspired by the cat fascinator that I found at Naughty Cat - I'm not the biggest on cat accessories (I know, this is sacrilege to a lot of people. Please don't hate me) but I'm not opposed to it either. But when I saw the fascinator with it's cute little ears covered in lace, I just had to have it. It went back to that craving of dark, romantic, gothic, victorian things. 

I didn't mean to take pictures in the twilight magic hour, but it was a happy happening. (sometimes good things happen when you take too long to get ready!) When I saw this abandoned lot near my house and the sun setting behind the hill, I seized the opportunity. I have also been inspired by this incredibly talented girl, Esther - From the Sticks, who shoots her own photos that are so beautiful. They're full of light and air and whimsy. 

Not only was the photo shoot so much fun to do (though a little messy, getting mud all over my heels and weeds in my hair), wearing this outfit later that night was also a blast. I wore what I call my "ninja suit" under the dress - just basic black tights and a long-sleeve black shirt. This is my canvas to keep me warm and to build the rest of my look on. It also complimented well with the dark romance I wanted to go with. Then I threw on one of my all time favorite dresses. It's this gorgeous little thing that is so flattering it doesn't need any extra bells and whistles. And I love the baby blush color, the sheer material and the butterfly sleeves. 

My boyfriend told me the other day how he had a kind of realization about me and my clothing choices. He said he is starting to realize just how much I have and want to communicate and how my clothes are a big part of me speaking to the world. He can tell what kind of mood I'm in sometimes by the choices I decide upon. I guess that goes back to the "craving" and how that word is really perfect for what I mean. I get an idea stuck in my head and I can't shake it until I can create and express it. 

Dress & Shoes: Korean Thrift Store 


  1. Oh my gosh you're blogging from Korea- wow that's crazy but must be an awesome experience! Love these photos, the shots are so pretty. Glad I stumbled across your blog =)


  2. These photos are so beautiful <3 The first one is my favorite! Love the haze with the lens flare. Gorgeous dress! The flutter sleeves are adorable ^_^

    - Anna

  3. Just found your blog, it's great! Love your dress, and your hat x

  4. Great photos! I like your look...very girly, flirty and cute!


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