Monday, December 2, 2013

Eat Like a Pig, Look Like a Lady

Lately I've been pushing myself to really get better at layering for winter (something I always seem to be reminding you is not my strong suit, being from Georgia). But for this outfit, I went back to what I feel comfortable doing. No layers - just ONE sweater and ONE pair of tights (I usually wear a t-shirt or tank top, and extra tights for added warmth). It's good to challenge yourself and push your style but it's always nice to go back to what you really like. Luckily, the weather was willing to cooperate. 

I wore this outfit to my expat Friendsgiving dinner last weekend. It was very important I wear something where I could sit easily sit on the floor (it's Korean style and foreigners here don't have enough seats or space to sit 20 people). When I pulled out this tulle skirt, I knew it was perfect. It's an absolute stellar length for me to sit on the floor no problem and still look put together. I bought this skirt years and years ago at a thrift store and at the time, it looked so badly 80's. It had an elastic waistband (which turned out to be very helpful after eating lots of turkey!) and no one was really wearing any tulle. I didn't care. Flowly materials like tulle always instantly grab my heart so I took it home and kept it in my closet until I was brave enough to wear it (7 years ago I wasn't as fashionably adventurous) or until it came into style. Thankfully, both happened and I'm so glad I kept it around. I absolutely love it. I call it my "grown-up tutu". It's got the feel of tutu but not all the volume. And man, to twirl in this thing! So fun. 

I got this sweater this summer at a clothing swap and have been salivating for a long time just thinking of wearing it! And then when Phillip Lim's Target line came out and I couldn't even look at the Target website, I was so sad. But I consoled myself when I pulled out this sweater. It's not Phillip Lim, but it's similar. I love animal print, I love color and I LOVE red and blue together. C'est parfait! 

The only accessory I added besides little silver studs was my cowboy necktie, the turquoise bolo. I bought this bad boy back in Georgia and even though I'm very much the suburban girl, it reminds me a little of a home. This piece is always fun to wear because it's always a new challenge to put it with unexpected outfits while making sure it doesn't look like a costume (I never wear the bolo and my cowboy boots together). 

The outfit, the weather, the FOOD and the company turned out to be pretty incredible this day! What did you wear for your Thanksgiving?

Sweater: Clothing Swap | Skirt, Belt, Bolo: Thrift Store | Shoes: Homeplus 


  1. Oh my gosh, I am completely in love with your sweater! <3 It is especially sweet how the blue matches the background behind you. So beautiful!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. The colors in the sweater are fantastic! I love the ever so slightly sheer hem on the skirt <3

    - Anna


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