Friday, December 13, 2013

All Bundled Up

Yesterday I woke up to snow falling and I was so excited to finally to do a winter wonderland photo shoot. But by the time I was able to run outside, the snow had melted on the pavement and had stopped flurrying. So here's my (doctored) version. 

When I did see all the snow falling in the morning, though, my first thought was, "Oh, crap! What in the world am I going to WEEEAR?!" and I sent myself into a panic. 
I don't think this Georgia girl will ever really get used to snow.

So I grabbed the warmest thing I had - this gray, wool sweater-dress.  When I first put on the gray sweater-dress, my first reaction was, "oh, wow. That makes me look mega curvy. I don't know..." Especially since I've been wearing a lot of black lately (all my sweaters are in dark colors, I don't know why!) I wasn't used to seeing me in gray. But then I thought,  "That's stupid. I AM curvy. It will keep me warm and I like it." This was the first time I wore it and MAN, it's so warm! I decided to walk a little in the snow when the flurries were coming on strong and while my knees were chilly, the rest of me wasn't. I was impressed.

I figured because of the light color of the sweater-dress, I would continue with this winter's biggest trend - winter pastels. So I threw on my pink hat and (what color is this?!) sea foam suuuuuuuper-long-amazing-scarf. The extra little touch in keeping with the cute, sweetness of it all was my gray bow belt - one of my favorites! I don't wear it as much as I would like; I think in part because the color gray as an accessory throws me off for some reason.

Now while I just "threw on" my darling pastel knitwear, the things under my outfit I most definitely did NOT just throw on. I hiked up - with a lot of effort, I might add - a pair of tights, thick pair of stockings, and thick socks all before putting on my thick black leggings. I also have on a tank top, and long sleeve shirt under my sweater-dress - all carefully tucked into the various tights and leggings in according to Lindsey's method of winter wear OCD. But the long sleeve shirt wasn't just for extra warmth - the wool is a little scratchy so it helped with that.

What tips do you have for winter layering? I'm always learning! 

Sweater Dress: Goodwill | Belt, Scarf : Clothing Swap | Hat: Comma | Boots: DSW


  1. Beautiful shots with the falling snow <3 I need a much better camera to get such dynamic photos. Hehe. I love the mix of bright colors in this outfit, too! Great scarf!

    - Anna

  2. The colors in this outfit are perfect! Love that bow belt too!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages


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