Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Santa's Little Helper

So this outfit is more loud and obnoxious than actual fashion. I wrote that and then thought, psssh, forget that; fashion is whatever you want it to be. Either way, this outfit was loads of fun to wear for SantaCon up in Seoul this weekend! Because I've been so so busy lately, I haven't been able to really slow down and enjoy the Christmas season (not that it's a very big thing in a predominantly Buddhist country). I was so excited to get out of my city and do something festive! 

I have been trying very hard to not show any double takes on my blog so far. Not because I don't think it's cool to wear things over and over again (on the contrary!) but so many people give me free clothes and I wanted to challenge myself to not get comfortable wearing the same things. I wanted to take advantage of the influx of the swag while I got it. When you're a part of an expat community - especially when people know how much you love clothes -  you get "new" clothes ALL the time from friends who are leaving the country. Also I think the expat community views things in a much different light. Back home, you're encouraged to build a grown-up wardrobe, invest in the basics and fill up your closet, fill up your house. When you're moving frequently from country to country or when you live in a tiny place like me, this isn't always a reality or even a desire. You enjoy the things that you have when you have them and then you give them away. In a way, it's very freeing. However, don't let me fool you. There are some things (more than I care to admit) that I refuse to get rid of, no matter what. 

So back to wearing things more than once on this blog: I finally broke down. You might remember this top from here and this skirt from here. There's nothing like the holidays to bring [things] together, amiright? I wasn't willing to invest in a Santa suit, so I decided to dress up as an elf with things already in my closet. A quick run to the local dollar store supplied me with the additional holiday cheer of the holly garland, the santa hat, and the bows I added to the brim.

What things have you been doing to get you into the holiday spirit?

Crocheted Shrug: Korean thrift store | Green blouse: Forever 21 | Skirt: American thrift store | Sunnies: Target | Belt: Charlotte Russe | Boots: DSW | Garland & Santa Hat: Daiso  

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  1. Omgosh this is adorable <3 That polka dot top is so perfect for this, too! Seems like you had a blast judging from that last photo! :D <3

    - Anna


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