Monday, June 29, 2015

Vintage Red Midi Around East Singapore

Eunos was an area of Singapore I explored when I first moved here and then promptly forgot about when moving to the other side of the island. Luckily, Lauren from Fried Green Kimchi reminded me of all it's charm! (Lauren also took all of these stunning photos for me as well!)  It's a great spot in Singapore to see the quaint and iconic buildings of the region's yester-years. For me, I always think of the long corridors of shop after shop, where the paint and the tiles changes from each small business, but the crown molding and darling details are always present. Besides aesthetically, Eunos is a perfect place to explore the trendy cafes and restaurants. 

Sinpopo Brand 
Sinpopo Brand is a restaurant all decked out in mid-century decor and draws inspiration from traditional old-school Singaporean dishes. I love not only the vintage feel but the novelty of walking down retro Singaporean memory-lane. They had recently redecorated and while the 1950's vibe was still the same, they had changed from turquoise and red to grey and black. Not gonna lie, I was a bit bummed. But they were incredibly friendly and helpful and the chilled pandan soufflĂ© was truly scrumptious. I want to go back next time and try their beef short rib horfun. 

Joo Chiat 
Lauren cleverly called these buildings "painting ladies". I have never been to San Francisco to see the real deal but it's still a perfect description of these absolutely adorable homes. On either side of the street are rows of colorful pastel two-story houses, each with their own personality. I can't even imagine how much run of these darlings would run ya, but a girl can dream! #housegoals  From what I've learned, this street is named after a man, Chew Joo Chiat who was a wealthy landowner of the area. He was part of the Peranakans - Chinese and Indian immigrants who married the Malay natives. There's a great museum in Singapore about the Peranakans and my one of my favorite part was seeing the intricate beaded slippers

As I'm starting to think of my next step outside of Singapore, I'm realizing I need to take advantage of the beauty and culture that is around me now! I wish I had done that when I was living in Korea for my blog but I guess ya live and learn! 

Once again, a very special thank to Fried Green Kimchi's Lauren for taking these gorgeous photos! Make sure to check out her blog - she'll give you serious wanderlust over her road trip in the Western part of America and you'll drool over her apple pie hotteok! 

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Black Tank and Bohemian Maxi

Here's a quick outfit I wore a few Saturdays ago. Comfortable and easy but with some fun accessories. If you know anything about me, it's that I love a great maxi skirt. I'm honestly sick to death of the ones I have even though I love them. Can anyone give any suggestions about where to get some reasonably priced maxi skirts for short ladies?

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Friday, June 12, 2015

90's Swim Suit and Jean Shorts

I needed a suit to swim in where I wasn't worrying about having to pull up the top or tug down the bottoms (you know the struggle). So when I saw this on top of my mom's pile of give-away clothes, I figured I would only wear it for working out. The suit seemed dated and tacky at first but the more and more I wore it, the more I fell in love. 

First of all, I feel amazing in this suit. Because I don't have to worry about my bits falling out, I feel much more confident moving around in it. And by miracles of miracles, it fits like a glove! The cut on the neck, the open back and the high cut on the legs are also so flattering. But I think the thing that really makes it is the clever pattern design. For this pear-shaped lady, the bright stripes on top make my bust seem larger and the dark stripes on the bottom make my derriere smaller (optimal illusions for the win!) 

I don't know what I'm going to do when this thing goes. There are a few tiny little wholes on the bum that I have meticulously hand-sewed. 
Has anyone seen a similar suit to this one?

What's your favorite swim suit this summer?

Swim Suit: Kathy Ireland | Shorts: H&M | Sunglasses: KL street vendor

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Belted Pear for Modcloth's Travel Bug Series

Modcloth asked me to do a post for their Travel Bug series a few weeks ago and it's finally up! I'm so excited and loved how it turned out. Please go and check it out here! Let me know what you think! 

Also, stay tuned for more on The Belted Pear. I can't wait to put up the full-length posts on some of the new looks that were featured.  

A special thanks to my friends Lauren from Fried Green Kimchi and Dominika and my boyfriend, Stephen for taking all the photos of me! <3

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Off the Shoulder Top // Turquoise Ice Cream

I learned 3 things while wearing this outfit and shooting these photos: I don't look cute while eating an  ice cream cone (Tyra is currently yelling at me to eat pretty and smize), people think I'm pregnant in this skirt (keep in mind I live in Asia), and tassel earrings stick to you when you're dripping in sweat. Guess what? Don't care. I love this outfit and these photos. 

Especially obsessed with this top - I think I have nice shoulders (is that a weird thing to think…?) and when the off-the-shoulder trend came out, I was rejoicing from the rooftops. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But only a little. 

Btw, how fun is this wall? I wanted to wear an outfit that matched the spirit of a colorful paint-splatter mural. And a red and pink outfit just didn't push the fun envelope enough for me until I added the pops of turquoise (and the purple purse for good measure). 

What do you think about off-the-shoulder tops? There's so many styles to choose from! Which is your favorite? 

Shirt & Sunglasses: Cotton On | Watch: Lovisa | Skirt, Purse & Shoes: Thrifted | Earrings: Bugis Market 

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