Friday, June 5, 2015

White Scalloped Top and Nude Pleated Skirt

Why haven't I worn this outfit sooner?? I was toying around with the idea of playing with this season's hugest trends - whites & nudes. And then it seemed like the outfit made itself. It's such a simple look but has so many beautiful details that I love! 

First of all this, this top. My mom pulled it out of a Goodwill rack and thank heaven's that that woman can spot quality from a mile away. This beauty has stunning embroidered flowers and scalloped edges. I resisted the urge to tuck it into my skirt (old habits die hard) and I'm glad I did. It would have been a pity to cover up any inch of this darling. 

I was kinda over this skirt for a while, thinking "Why in the world did I buy anything beige?? It's so not my color." But I think pairing it with white brings new freshness into an actually precious skirt. I love anything with pleats and it's got the extra clever little ruffled layer at the bottom.  

The shirt and skirt were a great canvas to wear some of my new favorite accessories. I found this gold pineapple necklace and I cannot stop wearing it - same goes for this tasseled-colorful-gold-chain-beaded collection of bracelets.  I wrapped a scarf around my bag for another pop of color, added a belt to accent my waist, slipped on a pair of nude heels (utterly and always obsessed with these) and voila

How are you wearing the white & nude trend these days?

Skirt, Shirt & Scarf: Thrifted | Shoes & Belt: Target | Bag: Coach | Pineapple Necklace & Bracelets: Lovisa | Sunglasses: Cotton On 

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  1. Can you just come over and pick out clothes for me every day?


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