Thursday, June 4, 2015

12 Different Ways to Wear a Crop Top

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with crop tops. And anyone can wear one! Before I show you my favorite crop top outfits, here are my two easy tips for showing some tummy skin.

First you've got to find your "sweet spot". I'm not gonna lie, I've got a little belly on me. But I hide it with high-waisted everything. My sweet spot is where my stomach is the smallest, right above my belly-button and love handles. For some, it might be a little higher or lower. Play around with lengths and find the area that you are comfortable showing off. 

Second you only need to show a little of your stomach to get the job done. I usually only bare about one or two inches. I'm not trying to go for Britney Spears circa 2000. I might wear a crop top that shows a little more skin that hits right under my bra line but I never go down past my belly button. 

Now that we've got that covered (pun intended!) let's move on to 12 of my favorite ways to style a crop top. There's only about a bizillion ways!
Baby, We're the New Romantics
If you're still a little shy about showing your belly, add another layer, like this crocheted vest. Also wearing a statement necklace will put more emphasize on your face than on your stomach. 

Mixing Prints
2 Add a slouchy cardigan. Play with prints. Find crop tops that have interesting details, like the pom-poms on the edge of this one. 

Belly Dancer
3 Keep it simple, casual and comfortable with an all black, boho vibe. Add interesting details like long earrings, embroidery on a skirt and a great rugged leather bag.

Red White and Tokyo
4 Go for a crop top in a graphic tee style. Pair it with some casual shorts. I love matching stripes with polka dots for a sweet look but you could also go for a sporty style with this tee. 

The Secret Garden
5 With all those adorable, high-waisted, full circle skirts, it only makes sense to take a crop top vintage! Extra bonus: add a petticoat underneath - it will make your midsection look even smaller. 

Le Freak C'est Chic
6 Take a graphic tee you already own and knot it! Instant crop top! Where you knot it is up to you (side, front or back). 

Rainbow Bus
7 You can also take a regular button-up and tie it. Only button down the shirt half-way and then tie the remaining fabric. Make sure and fluff out the tie for that finishing touch. 

Festival Ready
Again, this is just a regular tank top I knotted in the middle. Another thing to think about when wearing crop top is how your bottoms will fit. Make sure they aren't squeezing you too tight! This maxi has an amazing forgiving, wide elastic top.

On the Carousel
9 Try a looser-fitting crop top. So that my waist didn't get lost in the fullness of the shirt and the skirt, I added a brightly colored belt. 

Mixing Prints and Getting Ready in 10 Minutes
10 Find an actual button-down style crop top. It will give you less fabric to deal with the sides and back but still give you a polished, lady-like look.
Eating Praying and Loving in Ubud Part 2
11 Breath new life into old, slumpy t-shirts. This one was just a little bit too short and too wide until I knotted and cropped it! 

Coming Up Rosy
12 To me, nothing is better than a crop top (with no bra!) and a flowy maxi for a easy, breezy day at the beach. 

*Whew!* So which look was your favorite? 
And please tell me, how do you wear and style a crop top? I'm dying to know! :) 
Thanks for stopping by! 

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