Monday, November 25, 2013

Blogs I Love: Melodic Thrifty Chic

I've been wanting to do a "Favorite Blogs" feature for a while so I'm excited to kick it off with my absolute favorite! You might recognize her because I've used some of her pictures before on my blog.

Anna Martin's fashion blog, Melodic Thrifty Chic, is exactly what the name says. She takes all these interesting pieces she finds and then pairs them in the most surprising way. My favorite thing about Anna is how seamlessly (no pun intended) she layers clothes. As I've talked about before, I'm not good at this and am slowly learning - in part, thanks to Anna! I mean, in the first picture - a poncho under a leather jacket? Genius! Not something I would have even thought of. 

She is also the queen bee of graphic tees. She always has these quirky, funny t-shirts (or sweaters) but when she matches it with the rest of the outfit, it always looks so chic and put-together. The photo on the top's shirt says: "Death - Our Nation's Number One Killer". I like that she never takes fashion too seriously. 

She always is a whiz kid at playing with prints - another thing I've become obsessed with and am always trying. Here she's paired two floral prints together - not to mention the lace socks! Oh, and she's wearing two skirts so as to get the lace detail at the bottom of the skirt. And she has an adorable bicycle necklace. Honestly, you have to go check out all of these outfit posts because she does a beautiful job of documenting all the details in her outfit - and there are plenty! 
This look above is just yet another great example of the details and layering that goes into her outfits. I really love this particular look because it's one of her more androgynous looks. She plays so expertly with menswear and yet then looks effortless in these beautiful feminine looks (shown below). She has a wide range of styles she favors, but yet when you look at an outfit of hers, you somehow always know it's hers. I don't know how she does that - she just has this iconic style. 

One last thing before I go that I gotta mention - Not only does Anna have brilliant style, but I also really admire her as a blogger. She is all over the interwebs blogsphere but not in an annoying way - she comes across as so personable, warm, and genuine in all her comments, emails, and narratives on her blog posts. She is motivated and driven. (Did I mention she also has a music blog for heaven's sake?!) She has only had her fashion blog for ONE year but it is already so successful. I think the combination of her playful, killer style, her hard work and warm nature really makes her blog the creative force it is. Don't forget to comb all over and check out (and read!) all about Anna's style. 


  1. Wow! <3 I think that describes how I feel at the moment. Haha. You are too kind. I'm indebted to your eloquence. This is so humbling. Thank you!!!

    - Anna

  2. I follow her and I couldn't agree with you more. She knows I call her Queen of Layering, cos no one can compete with her on that! Genius!


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