Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ladies that Lunch and the Sweater Dress

This is my 3rd winter here in Korea and I think I'm finally getting the dressing-well-in-winter thing down. (Georgia gets cold, but not like here - so windy!) When it changed to super cold, at first I was all grumbly until I remembered I have like... 5 new sweater-dresses. Score! I knew this hunter green little ditty would go great with my new tights. Fall/winter is a great time to play with different textures. Like these fantastic tights - they have this tiny leaf pattern but far away it just looks like a cool pattern. I also can't tell if they are brown, gray or something else. 

Then I paired my tights with two different types of sweater material. Like a goober though, I forgot to take off the purple sweater to show you how flattering the sweater-dress really is - it's got a different type of cable knitting around the waist and it just skims my curves. Also it's got short sleeves! 

I didn't want my arms to get cold but I wanted the option of being able to take off a top layer so I chose this purple number. It's a little mumsy but I love it. I call it my "ladies-that-lunch" sweater-jacket which is a huge style in Korea; they usually style it in the shops very Jackie O - big pearls, tweed pencil skirt. The white piping and little puff sleeves make it look sharp and almost tailored even though it's technically a sweater. 

The last little detail was my brooch to go along with the "ladies-that-lunch" theme. Not sure if the pale pink goes with all the jewel tones, but whatev. I wanted to pull in the sweater-jacket so that the bottom would hit right at my waist. 

How would you wear a sweater-dress? 

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Dress: Thrift Store | Jacket: Tomato | Tights: Homeplus | Shoes: Homeplus | Brooch: Mother's | Earrings: Naughty Cat | Glasses: Naughty Cat


  1. most days, i don't feel like wearing jeans :( but this outfit is <3 <3! I have one sweater dress and hopefully I can scavenge through several thrift stores to find sweaters (if time and money allowed it)

  2. Oh goodness, that dress! The textures and the deep olive green! So perfect for Fall! I love it!

    - Anna

  3. I love the idea of belting button-less cardigans! I usually walk right by them in the store but I'm going to take a good long look at my tiny brooch collection & see if any of them will work like this :)

  4. How clever to use a brooch since there were no buttons! I think this looks very 60s-mod overall.


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