Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rocking and Rolling Retro Denim-on-Denim

This outfit was too much fun to wear. And it all came together seamlessly. I wasn't trying to do a retro outfit today. I just knew I wanted to wear my jeans because it's cold! And my chambray shirt because apparently it's shaping up to be my errand shirt. I also wanted to wear my saddle shoes because I was feeling lazy - I just wanted cute, warm footwear. I put it all on and thought... 
Love when that happens! It's also convenient because the denim-on-denim look is totally rocking and rolling this fall. The trick is to do different colors and materials. The chambray top is lighter in color and material than the blue jeans, so it's A-okay. 

My hair was being stupid today so I decided to stop fighting with it and do the good ol' bun and then put on the vintage-inspired headband. I was originally going to just wear the chambray shirt loose but to go with the retro theme, I tied it at the waist and rolled up the jeans at the bottom. To finish the look I put on my new heart earrings and red lipstick. I went with my "no make-up" make-up look because I was too lazy to do the extra eyeliner and such. And then I ran out the door to grocery shopping and other grown-up-ish errands. Now, where's the sock hop?! 

How would you style your denim-on-denim look?

Psssssh, can you see my socks? I actually have socks that not only match each other - they match the outfit for once!

Jeans: Cello | Shirt: Target | Shoes: Korean Thrift Store | Earrings & Headband: Naughty Cat 


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