Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bright Summery Florals for a Fall Night

This is about a very cute outfit and a very sad story. Okay, that's somewhat of an exaggeration. But this Saturday was my first day in forever where I didn't have to do anything it seemed. I was going to meet my friends out for drinks and dancing later this night but I wanted to get ready at my leisure. Is this just a me problem? If I only have 30 minutes, I can get ready so fast. But if you give me 4 hours, I can stretch out getting ready that long. Of course, I always end up putting on 10 layers of mascara and lipstick then. I started getting ready super early because I wanted to do my nails and try my hand at cat eyes. I'm not great at it but I love cat eyes soooo much. After I got ready and took pictures, I ended up accidentally falling asleep. By the time I woke up, I felt crappy that I ended up not going out or wearing my cute outfit. >.< Oh well. 

I got this skirt at a clothing swap recently. I grabbed it quickly just because I love cotton skater skirts. But once I got home, I thought, "Is this an ugly skirt? Is the print too crazy?" I ended up pairing it with a black top and dark maroon tights and now I love the skirt. I like how the dark colors surrounding the skirt let the bold colors pop. I also love how even though the skirt is a floral print, with the dark colors it still looks like a fall outfit. 

I also recently got these awesome chunky mary jane heels at Homeplus (the Korean Wal-mart). I'm obsessed with them. They are so comfortable that I've actually worn them teaching. But they're still heels so they give me that delicious magic voodoo thing that heels do - especially in this outfit! I don't know if it's the length of the skirt, the tights, the shoes or the height of the camera but man, I don't think my legs have ever looked that long! 

Have you ever had an article of clothing that grew on you? Or even vice versa - something you at first loved, but later hated? 
Sorry the photo is so dark!

Watching the rain out my hallway window.
Telephone necklace & rings 
Top: Eunhang Underground | Skirt: Clothing Swap | Tights: Eunhang Underground | Shoes: Homeplus | Jewelry: gifts 


  1. i would try navy or dark blue tights with that skirt to tone it down for fall.

  2. Katie, I just recently fell in love with navy tights. I gotta get some!

  3. Lovely outfit, dear!!!

  4. so cute! i love your smile and all the bright colours in this post ! x

  5. I think this is the best outfit I've seen on your blog. Very nice and playful, it suits you well and you look great


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