Monday, March 10, 2014

Just Call Me Daisy

So I chopped off all of my hair on Friday. I went to Team Salon in Jem recommended by a friend and told the salon stylist: "I hate my hair. I don't know what to do with it. Cut it off at the chin maybe?" I was nervous but I knew it needed to be done. And I walked out of there lovinglovingloving it. My hair dresser, Shan, did an impeccable job making sure everything was cut to a T (I think he was a perfectionist; it was fantastic). No regrets. I feel 10 lbs lighter getting all that damaged, dry and tangly mess of curls gone. It's easy to maintain, makes my red hair look super clean and shiny, and is actually very versatile. I can still do my big poufy 50's pompadour or victory curls, I can go AMTM-style and slick it back, I can style it every-day smooth bob or my current favorite - this flirty flip look that reminds me of the roaring 20's. Just call me Daisy. 

When was the last time you chopped off your hair? Was it a good experience?
Earrings: Bugis Street | Shirt: J-Cube Kiosk 


  1. you look great! i also love that blouse. so cute! I haven't chopped off my hair since spring of 2012 and it's getting longer now. I trimmed it last summer and then cut some layers into it a few weeks ago, but i'm looking forward to wearing my hair in braids this summer. Thats usually how it goes for me, chop it off, wait a few years and cut it again, i've never had a set style except for blunt bangs

  2. You look beautiful! Love the new hair! <3333

    - Anna


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