Saturday, March 29, 2014

OOTD Lately

Sometimes it just feels glorious to get a bright, spankin' new white tee, don't it?  
Oi, I haven't done a post in a while! Mi Scusi. A lot has been been happening at work, having visitors, vacation, trying to figure out how to pay bills in a new place... life, ya know. Being busy also makes it harder to research what shiny new play toy I want next (DSLR camera). So bear with me, please! If you follow me on instagram, I apologize for the redundancies of these OOTD photos. If you don't, you can follow me on Also comment below with your instagram name if you also OOTD from time to time (yes, I changed it to a verb right there!) 

This gorgeous pastel 60's-ish housedress I found at New2U (like, one of the ONLY thrift stores in Singapore; to be so limited in thrift store selections severely depressed me for a week.) Why do I look like I'm doing a bad job pretending to be a CIA agent? Watch less Scandal, Lindsey... 
Black, white, and mint. So fresh and clean, son! 
So I bought these pants because I sometimes forget I'm a fat-bottom girl. Tried 'em on at home and hated them until I found out about this tumblr, Giant Pants of the 30's. Realized I could totally work with this. I now love them and will be doing a proper post in the future about these. 
It's my birthday and I'll get a kitschy if I want to! I told you I was currently obsessed with fruit jewelry. 
Sucker for sunhats. But I guess you can't blame me with this translucent-pale skin. 
Another find from New2U. One exciting thing about living in Singapore is being able to dip into different fashion styles from other cultures & countries. This top is inspired by a traditional Chinese cheongsam/qipao. I also want to get my hands on lots of Indian kurta tops. 
No lie. What I usually wear when I'm not working.


  1. great outfits!
    how refreshing, light and summery these look. i love your large trousers, pretty dresses, white tee and picture locations.
    all beautiful


  2. oh my goodness, so many lovely things to comment on in this post!

    1) I loled at the "watch less Scandal" line, haha
    2) LOVE the pants! you look fabulous in them.
    3) happy belated birthday :)
    4) you look smokin' in that bikini!

  3. You're so beautiful <3 I love these photos oh and congrats on the move! I was a little confused on Instagram when all the photos were tagged from a different place. Now, it all makes sense. Haha. I hope it's going well!

    - Anna


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