Sunday, February 9, 2014

Waiting for the Ship to Come in

I am so proud of these photos because they display my boyfriend's abilities and his utter affection for me. When we started dating, I didn't have my blog yet. He didn't exactly know what he was getting himself into when he said he'd snap off some photos for me. At times I can be a very uhh... demanding and vocal "collaborator" when I ask him to take photos. But he has taken it all in stride, been so patient and a quick study (on top of being supportive). Neither of us knew the talent he had sitting under the surface. Now I just need to work on my editing skills!  

He took these pictures when we were on motorbike ride around Koh Lanta, Thailand (one of my favorite things to do on vacation) before we had our last dinner on the island. It really incorporates the romantic feel of 2 of my favorite things: long skirts and the ocean. I've been wanting to try out crop top trend and I figured a beach town was the best place to test-drive it - no one would bat an eye at showing off some extra skin. I got to say, I really loved how this outfit turned into a mix of something romantic, trendy, vintage-y, and modern all rolled into one. 

My crop top was originally one of those too-short-for-a-dress-but-too-long-for-a-shirt kinda things but the skirt part had a big hole on it. I cut it right under the elastic waist hem because I couldn't bare to throw out that beautiful lace detailing. I might eventually just cut out the lace and use it for something else. What do you think I should do with it? 

Skirt: Goodwill | Shirt: Clothing Swap | Sunglasses: H&M 


  1. that's a really great top. I just love the lace on the back. The long skirt looks very pretty blowing in the wind as well

  2. Wow! You're stunning <3
    And this outfit is amazing!

    Love xx

    Sybille from

  3. These photos came out BEAUTIFULLY! I didnt have a blog when my boyfriend and I started dating either, I know he didn tknow what he was getting himself into when he said hed take my pics lol, recently ive been trying to take my own (but its so much better when he does it!)

    Anyway, love this look, new follower on bloglovin :)
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. beautiful pics and top :)

  5. Such lovely photos! I adore your outfit as well. The skirt is so dramatic, and the shirt details are darling!

  6. love love this outfit!! love!! :)

  7. That crop top is so perfect! The details in the back are beautiful!

    - Anna


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