Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Siren on Your Ship

This past week, my boyfriend and I snuck away to Thailand for Chinese New Year. Packing for short beach trip is the most fun packing experience EVER. Usually I pack for longer trips where I have to carry and live out my backpack for weeks on end. It's amazing to go on extended trips but you don't get to pack the cute stuff - only the essentials. For this trip, I just threw in long, flowy skirts, swim suits and sunscreen into my boyfriend's backpack. The only thing I carried was my tote bag! (It's the most luxurious feeling in the world, by the way). 

In these pictures, I'm wearing the outfit I chose to travel in: from airplane, to mini van, to ferry for a total travel time of maybe 6 hours. First off, y'all know how much I love maxis. I swear by them. They are PERFECTPERFECTPERFECT for traveling. If you get cold on the plane, you tuck them around you. If you get hot, you hike it up. It's loose and comfortable but with the right accessories, you can change from stroll on the beach look to a night on the town. This skirt is my ultimate favorite thing I own, if you didn't already know. It's gone through a lot and on this trip is was no different - it mysteriously got a rip in it! It desperately needs the loving care of a dry cleaners. 

The skirt was particularly playful to wear on this boat. The wind was stirring it up like crazy! Who doesn't love having a Marilyn moment? We took the ferry to Koh Lanta right as the sun was setting. Gorgeous way to start our vacation! Koh Lanta is a beautiful, sleepy little island a couple hours away from Krabi airport. Touristy enough to be comfortable but none of the crazy, annoying shenanigans. Stay tuned to see the other things I packed in my his backpack! 

Sunglasses: H&M | Top: H&M (old) | Skirt: Goodwill | Tote bag: Chinatown 


  1. so pretty! the lavender looks great with your fair skin and red hair. You are very lucky to have that kind of weather! I live in Kansas, and though I love winter, I'm feeling very jealous of you and your breezy, flowing skirt right now!

  2. Beautiful mix of different shades of the same hue! The skirt positively glows and your bag is so awesome! I want it! :D

    - Anna


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