Friday, February 21, 2014

The Secret Garden

Ya know when something feels right, it just... feels right? Dressing more consciously to my favorite style just makes me happier than a kitten with catnip. I feel like in Korea I was given so many clothes that weren't my exact style but still amazing, it was like a personal challenge to make it work. But after giving away most of those clothes (and having not yet establish a clothing swap group here - although if anyone in Singapore is down, email me!!!) I was left with only my favorite clothes. And the clothes I've bought in Singapore I've chosen a lot more carefully. For as long as I can remember, I've loved 1950's fashion. I can't be one of those who dresses up every single day in honest-to-goodness real vintage dresses. It's too expensive and my tastes vary too much. But I plan on adding more modern vintage-inspired pieces to my closet to mix and play with. Like this ModCloth crop top! It looks darling with this high-waisted full chiffon skirt but I am definitely going to switch things up and wear it with my maxi skirts and maybe some high-waisted denim shorts. 

And we must, must, must talk about these shoes. It's almost ridiculously scary. Do you remember me talking about my current obsession with low block heels? Well, son of a billy block if I didn't literally find the same exact shoes as the Kurt Geiger heels at my first trip to the Salvation Army for S$20! It was like Christmas came early! 

Another surprise gift was this little garden area. I knew there was a garden area on the 7th floor of my condominium, but when we went down there to take pictures, I gasped! I can't believe this is for me to use! It was like walking into Alice in Wonderland's garden - perfectly manicured green pathways and bright orange flower bushes. With my outfit, I felt like I could have been at some old-timey Southern picnic - expect for the palm trees, of course! 

What style feels right for you? Have you found any exciting little nooks and hiding places recently? Or the perfect fashion find? 

Crop Top: ModCloth | Skirt: Korean Thrift Store | Shoes: Singapore Thrift Store | Scarf: Comma (Korea) | Sunglasses: H&M | Necklace: Premier Designs | Earrings: Naughty Cat (Korea) | Umbrella: 7-11 


  1. I loooove heels like those! they are so comfortable and walkable while still making you feel fancy and tall. :)

    xo Sarah

  2. how wonderful! i love the vintage vibe to these photos, so much fun to look at

  3. You look soooo amazing <3 I was so happy to see this look in Chictopia's Style Gallery! You earned it, babe!

    - Anna

  4. Hi Lovely!
    Oh my goodness! you have such fantastic style! At last, a fashion blog that I've genuinely fallen in love with!
    I've nominated you and your fantasticly retro (and amazingly priced!) Kurt Geiger shoes for a Liebster award! If you have a gander over at my blog at it'll explain what to do!
    Looking forward to seeing more posts lovely!
    Carlie xx


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