Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Instagram Travel Photo Journal

This is my last post about my trip to Thailand last week. I recently got a new phone (HTC One) which I LOVE and what better way to get acquainted with a new camera than by taking ten million photos of vacation? Here are some of my favorite photos. To see more of the vacation or what I do on a regular basis as an expat, go to http://followgram.me/lindseydish (on your computer) or http://instagram.com/lindseydish (on your phone). 

1. Best way to travel in an airport - super duper light! 
2. The restaurant attached to our bungalows had all these cool skulls decorated everywhere. And they still had all their christmas and new year's decorations up. I loved it!
3. The view from our breakfast table. 
4. No question about it - this pale irish girl's gotta have a sunhat ALWAYS. 
5. Mandatory beach sunset. 
6. Everywhere around Koh Lanta is hand painted signs. It gives the island a very kitschy, crafty feel. Good stuff. 
7. Me and my boo enjoying midday cocktails - that's what ya gotta do on vacation! 
8. Another view of "our" restaurant - lounge pillow-chairs and a great beach view. 
9. Oh, ya know. Just another gorgeous beach sunset.
1. Our 10th time scuba diving! 
2. One of the best things about scuba diving is getting to hang on the boat all day - and watch other boats go by!
3. Not on an actual instagram photo, just regrammed from one of the professional divers that accompanied us on our dive. 
4. Our dive had beautiful rocks, caves and cliffs above and below the water. 
5. Hanging on the boat. 
6. Our boat broke down, so we took many, many naps. 
7. Starting the 2nd morning by laying by the pool. 
8. All the swim suits! Cheap shopping in Thailand. 
9. The goodies I bought - love my high-waisted $30 suit! 

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  1. That looks like you had such fun! I've never seen the ocean so I'm jelly, also because here in Kansas we've had buckets and buckets of snow. The sun and sea looks so delightful!!


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