Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wonder Woman Wishes You a Very Happy Halloween!

I don't know what was more fun: making the costume or actually wearing it. The night before the party, my boyfriend spent over 2 hours painstakingly helping me make making my corset. Not to get all mushy on you, but this is how I know he's the one for me. I'll give you more details on how exactly I did it later but basically I used an old tank top and he wrapped a bunch of duct tape around me over and over again. Then he cut the whole mess off of me and I fixed the raw edges and added the corseted back. It was pretty funny seeing the bf work because when he first started he was more of a diva than Donatella Versace - telling me not to breath or dance. (I couldn't help it! We were listening Halloween party music and I was getting excited!) He was just nervous about working with such a difficult, foreign material such as duct tape. It didn't help that we had a limited supply; I brought the tape back to Korea from our U.S. trip. But his steady hand and attention paid off; I really appreciated that he was just as (or more) concerned about getting it right as I was!    

The red boots are what started this whole thing. I found them at Goodwill back in July. As soon as I put them on, I rushed over my boyfriend, and with hands on my hips I said, "What am I?!" Yup, that's right. I've known what I was going to be for Halloween since July. That's how much I love Halloween! 

I found the blue granny-panties at my local Homeplus (Korean version of Wal-mart) and I am shocked that not only did they fit my large derriere but that they were big enough to fit the way I wanted. Win! I painted the white stars on with fabric paint.  I made the headpiece and bracelets out of toilet paper rolls and the duct tape from back home. The elastic that holds my headpiece in place is from an ugly, old skirt. I drew the stars on with red permanent marker. The last little details of my costume are my super amazing nude tights - they made me feel svelte, warm and covered. I also wore my black vintage-inspired swim suit bottom under the panties to get extra coverage. 

I am so happy how it turned out! It was better than I could have asked for. I'm just sad that Halloween went by so fast. What did you dress up as for Halloween? What was your inspiration?

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  1. OMG! I love it! Your blog is adorable and this costume is hot! Love how you made it so age appropriate, sexy but not too far gone! So copying this next year :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I glad you think it's just the right amount of "hot" - I was going for covered but still sexy! Thanks for reading. :)

  3. Fantastic DIY costume! You look friggin' gorgeous! ^_^ <3

    - Anna

  4. this is amazing i love that you DIY-d the entire thing! so impressive!!!!

  5. you must tell me the how to of this outfit oh wise and talented one!!! I love wonder woman!!!


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