Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Make-Over: Katie as Norma Jean/Marilyn Monroe

This is my stunning friend, Katie.  Last weekend we were talking about Marilyn Monroe (particularly this video about her make-up regime - very interesting!) and Halloween costumes. Katie had said she didn't have a costume and was at a lost of what to wear for Halloween - especially because she has limited clothing and as I've said before, it's a pain to find clothes in Korea that doesn't fit a size 0. Luckily, somehow we got to the idea of her dressing up as a 50's girl. Easy to do, and most of the costume is all about the hair, make-up, and accessories. 

For her clothing, she picked out this fantastic mustard yellow turtleneck at Uniqlo, rolled up her jeans and wore cute little flats. Then she went to an accessory store and got the blue floral scarf, pearl earrings, and the big gray bow. 

For her hair, I used Lauren Conrad's vintage hair technique of curling the hair inwards. Then I gave her one victory roll (technically, this is more of a 40's hairstyle but who cares?) where I grabbed a section of her hair in the front and rolled it towards her face and secured it a bobby pin. There are a bazillion of youtube tutorials on how to do adorable victory curls. This was my first time doing one and I'm pretty pleased with the result (of course, doing it on someone else's head is always a little easier!) I pulled back one side of her hair with her big bow. For her make-up,  I used the scotch-tape technique of fail-safe cat eyes. I also put fake eyelashes on her but for fake eyelashes, I don't like to use the whole lash. I cut it in half and glued it just to the outer part of her eye to make them look really lush but not super fake. Last was really rosy cheeks and a bold, glossy red lip. Voila! We have Marilyn before she was Marilyn - or maybe Marilyn on her day off. 

It was pretty easy to do and Katie looks like a KNOCK OUT! In fact, she honestly could wear this on a normal day and I don't think it would look a Halloween costume at all. I hope she liked it because I couldn't be happier with how it turned out - exactly like I pictured! Of course, it always helps that my model is incredibly drop-dead gorgeous!

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