Friday, October 25, 2013

Classic Comfortable Style for a Cool Autumn Day

This outfit is all about comfort and keeping warm while still looking teacher-y. I was going to wear a more fun, funky, fashion-forward outfit but as soon as I put it on I thought, wearing this is too much work right now. I'm lazy. I just want to be comfortable. So I grabbed this instead and I'm happy I did! This Gap shirt is amaaaaaazing. It's part of their supersoft tee collection. I paid $5 at Goodwill for it, but honestly, I think it's worth the real price (or at least sale price!) It's got this amazing stretch, obviously it's incredibly soft, and it's also a lot thicker. I've been wanting to wear it for a while but it's been way too hot. 

Going along with the theme of keeping things simple, I grabbed my trusty jean jacket and leather backpack on the way out. I've had this jean jacket for 10 years. When I worked at Goody's in high school, I wanted this Levi's jacket so bad. At the time, it was around $50 and I wasn't about to pay that. I waited and waited until it went on a super-duper sale (to be fair, I think I might have hidden it in the underwear section or something too; always moving it around). I think I eventually got it for under $10!  Luckily my patience paid off this time. I've had customers go and buy "my" clothes from under my nose when I wasn't so lucky! For a while jean jackets weren't really worn but I'm glad I kept it, because denim is everywhere. But a jean jacket is a classic - that's a style that always comes back around! 

Another classic style that's come back around is leather backpacks. As we know, the 90's are in full force for 2013 and this bag trend follows it. I'm so glad it does because this is the perfect bag for me! For all of my teaching jobs, I spend an hour one way on public transportation. This means walking to the bus stop or subway station, waiting for it, standing on said transportation and then more walking and waiting. Carrying a purse with folders and books on one shoulder really started to kill my back. With this bag, I don't end up looking like Dora the explorer or an employee at R.E.I. 

What are your two go-to tried-and-true accessories?

P.S. For all my Korean chingus, I got these adorable fleur-de-lis loafers at Homeplus! (Korean grocery store that's a weird, smaller version of Wal-mart). Heck yeah! 

Jacket: Levi's | Shirt: Gap (Similar) | Skirt: Target | Scarf: Korean Street Vendor | Purse: Korean Thrift Store | Earrings: Gift | Shoes: Homeplus


  1. You know I love me some accessories! I would say that simple, yet not small, earrings are always safe and can help punch up an outfit. When it comes to bags, black always wins my heart. I have a few black bags in various sizes. However, as a fellow public transportation rider, you can't go wrong with a backpack.

  2. Beautiful layers <3 The scarf is perfect for this. Great mix of patterns. Love the pleats, also!

    - Anna


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