Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Spy Style: Sasha Velvet: Rocker Chic

This I Spy Style is for my friend, Sasha who - as I've mentioned before - always has killer style. She very similar to me in the fact that she likes to dress to the nines for an event. And if there isn't an event to dress up for, make one! And Sasha wears black like no other. I'm not a big fan of habitually wearing black but when Sasha does it, it's always chic and interesting. She uses a lot of textures and interesting accessories to stand out. 

When I saw her in this outfit, I said, "You must let me take pictures for you!" Luckily she did, even though my camera and photography skills are obviously subpar. I love this outfit because of... everything. First off, the epaulette on the shoulders!! When I first saw the movie, Les Miserables, and Russell Crowe was singing his sad, serious suicidal song all I could think about was, "Dang, that is an amazing jacket... where can I get something with some epaulettes...?" And then Sasha comes rocking up exactly that! If those sequins and chains aren't glamour, I don't know what is. 
I also really love her boyfriend jeans. She's got great legs ... and knows how to use 'em (sorry, I couldn't help myself.) These jeans fit her like a dream. And then her accessories. The studded black heels, the skull earrings, the Boba Fett ring and her signature red lipstick. It pulls the look all together for one sexy, chic, rocker look. 

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