Monday, October 21, 2013

Vintage 1970's Bold-Print Dress

The other day I was trolling around my favorite part of my city, wandering in and out of thrift stores, killing time before I had to go to work. And man, I was striking out. I couldn't find anything that spoke to me. Honestly, all the thrift stores have pulled out winter clothes now and no winter clothes really excite me - except maybe a red plaid skirt that doesn't hit me in the middle of my calves (if ya see one at a good price, lemmie know!) But right when I was about to give up, I saw this little beauty. I noticed the print first. When I feel lazy, that's how I thrift shop. Just flick through the rack until a color I like grabs me. This geometric print with the primary colors - this dress can match with so many things! 

When I pulled it out to get a better look, I almost squealed (or maybe I did and just didn't realize). I love the 1970's housedress silhouette and probably even the best part... it fit me! The last one is always an unknown entity when thrift shopping in Korea. 

I'd say there are a couple draw-backs to the dress, though.  It's a wee bit tight in the arms, so all night I felt a little like Phil Dunphy in his hipster suit. It's also a tad too long for my height. It's made of polyester which is such a cheap fabric - it definitely didn't breathe well when I was running around trying to do a scavenger hunt. But I. Don't. Care! 

Styling this dress for the first time, I didn't add too many accessories. I wanted to keep it simple. Or rather, as simple as it can get while still wearing bright red lipstick and a red belt. I can't wait to layer a sweater over this when it gets cold. 

Dress: Vintage | Belt: Thrift Store | Boots: DSW | Leather Jacket: Clothing Swap  | Earrings: Gift 


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