Thursday, October 17, 2013

3 Ways to Style a Maxi Dress and a Plaid Button-Down

I totally forgot that I had this dress! I found it balled up on a shelf, thrown there while packing for my trip home this summer. 3 months later and I delightfully found it! I had only worn it once or twice so I felt like I was getting new, free clothes (don't you love when that happens?! It's like finding $10 in your coat pocket from last winter.) I instantly knew I wanted to wear this adorable Western-style plaid shirt with it but I wasn't sure how I wanted to wear it. I tried it a bazillion different ways and couldn't figure out how. Then I realized what an opportunity this is!  I decided I'd just let y'all decide how you like it! 

I originally had the plaid shirt under my dress but when I was taking pictures but I didn't feel comfortable half-way undressing in front of the old men looking on at the park. So sorry, no pictures of that outfit. Instead, I went with three looks: Prim & Proper, Country Cool, and Girly Grunge. 

For the Prim & Proper look, I buttoned the shirt all the way up and belted it. The great thing about this shirt is the beautiful fit! It's tailored to perfection. For the Country Cool outfit, I got rid of the belt and just  tied the ends at my waist. Another variation I could have done was button it up all the way, and then tie it at the waist. For the last look, Girly Grunge, I just let everything hang loose - in a matter of speaking! Whether we like it or not, I believe the 90's revival is happening. I'm not the biggest fan of grunge (big-bottomed ladies don't usually favor wrapping busy plaid prints around their hips) but you can't disagree that it does have a certain effortless, laid-back feel about it. Another variation on the last look would be leave the shirt open, but then add the belt; though it would take away from the grunge-inspired look. 

I know the difference in styling of these outfits isn't huge but it does go to show ya that just because you wear it a certain way the first time, doesn't mean you can't mix it up next time! What's your favorite look? 

[Also, let's talk about the apparent elephant in the room. My camera and editing skills. I am not gifted (as of yet) in editing my photos and my camera is incompetent for the things I want it to do. I apologize for the wonky photos, but not too much because I still love them anyways.]

Prim & Proper: 

I just have to say: LOOK AT MY NECKLACE. Isn't it stunning?! My good friend, Sasha, left the country (BIG TEARS) and gave me this! Whaaaat? Her taste is impeccable and she's way too giving. 
Country Cool: 

Girly Grunge:

Which Style is Your Favorite? 

Dress: Korean Thrift Store | Shirt: Levi's (similar) | Shoes: Guess | Necklace: Gift 


  1. I love country cool! It is so comfy looking and flattering!

  2. Definitely country cool!

  3. OMGee OMGee! You're making me want to bring out oe of my maxi dresses out of the 'summer' bag and wear it with a plaid flannel shirt! I just need a riding boot and i'm good to go! <3 <3 <3


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