Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ballerina Skirt at Art Show Opening Night

This is one my new favorite outfits. I'm obsessed with the grown-up tutu/tulle trend. I got this skirt from one of my dearest friends (Thank you, Kristen!!) and I've been dying to wear it. I think I've tried it on in my apartment a million times trying to figure out the perfect outfit. I've been waiting to wear it because - even though I'm a firm believe on not "saving" the good stuff for special occasions - I knew it would be just the thing for my art show opening. 

This ensemble made me feel so girly and pretty. The lace, the tulle, the heels, pearls, ribbon and red lipstick. It's nice to get fully dressed up sometimes and pretend to be a lady. I wish I had more opportunities to do so.  I believe you should have an emotional connection with your clothes. It makes my style more personal and I like to think people can intuitively tell how much I enjoy being in my clothes. Life is too short to not wear clothes you love and feel amazing in. 

I must admit I was a bit apprehensive of wearing so much volume on my hips but with the wide belt and the smaller top, the proportions work well. Besides, Kristina Uriegas-Reyes more articulately explains why curvy ladies should wear petticoats and tutus. 

Okay, let me get out 3 more things I love about wearing this outfit and then I promise to stop rambling. One: I live the small details of the tiniest bit of edge: the gold chain, the leather jacket, and the wide leather belt. Two: the bodice is actually a waaaay-too short dress. Three: I bought the necklace for a $1 but I hated it. It was too tight and high on me. I added the ribbon and presto! I love it now. 

The art show was so much fun and I have so much fun mingling with Daejeon's finest. Everyone got dressed up and looked spectacular. Not to mention all my friends' exquisite art work! Thanks to everyone who came out to support local art. 

Bodice: Forever 21 | Skirt: Gift | Jacket: Cotacachi, Ecuador | Belt: Thrift Store | Shoes: Target | Watch: Citizen | Clutch: Clothing Swap | Earrings: Gift | Necklace: Thrift Store 

Last picture taken by the talented and kind Yohan Ban
Aren't my artist friends so stylish?!

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  1. Love the look! Especially the ribbon at the back of your neck. Great idea!


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