Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Grandma Chic

This is another post that I promise I was trying to make fall-like. I have the most perfect boots that I wanted to wear with this dress but alas, these gorgeous Guess boots are waiting for me in the U.S. 
I also don't own another cardigan to throw over this. Guess my chilly-wear posts will have to wait until I'm home for Christmas! 
When I saw this dress at the thrift store I thought, Is this ugly or cute? The bodice is definitely weird, especially with the ruffles sitting on my hips. The dress reminds me of the late 80's/90's when everything was country chic. My mom is an interior decorator and I remember looking through all her decor magazines as a kid with photos of florals sofas and wicker furniture. Even how the skirt button ups reminds me of the 90's. In the end, I decided I liked it. 

Dress & Purse: New2U Thrift Shop | Shoes: Modcloth

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  1. Love pretty floral prints, this dress is so cute :)



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