Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Words

Last week my boyfriend graduated from his Master's program (which he totally kicked BUTT IN; so proud. Waaaaahooo!!!) so we dashed over to Thailand for a long weekend to celebrate. This is the balcony of the resort we stayed in. The grounds were so gorgeous and we could see the turquoise ocean water from the balcony. My favorite part of the resort was listening to the waves crash as we fell asleep; much different than the noise from our Singaporean bedroom window! My favorite part of the trip was both of us turning off our phones for three days and just relaxing together.

It's also fun just to wear a swim suit for 3 complete days. I threw this oversized tank top and bright skater skirt over mine on our first day to the pool/beach. I don't usually get to show off my tattoo so I was excited to wear this outfit in Thailand - a place where people go purposely TO show off their ink! I got mine my first year in Korea. It says in French "one vie passionnante" which means a life of passion.   Pair it with the "love is blind" tank and "art as canvas" tote (what does that mean…?) and I got a lot to say as I walk down the strip! ;-) 

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  1. Oh, congrats to your mister! And what an awesome way to celebrate, too. :)


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