Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bali, Khaleesi, and Me

I got this sarong in Ubud, Bali last month (posts from my trip here, here, and here if you are curious). I have a bunch touristy sarongs from Thailand but none of them compare to this one! The fabric is much higher quality and the gold print has much more detail - I especially love the border that goes around the entire cloth. And I think the best part about sarongs from Bali is that you can see Balinese women still wearing them; they tend to wear them with (usually lace) tunics that have a sash around them. The outfits are so beautiful, feminine and flattering to curves. 

When I got this sarong home, I was so pleased to see it matching some of my favorite gold jewelry. I made this body chain (oh so what would khaleesi wear?) a few years ago.  I used a dress dummy and a bunch of old gold chain necklaces I had hanging around my jewelry boxes and voila! I love how it reminds me of armor. Sadly, I don't wear it as much as I would like to. I am particularly pleased how the lines of the chains balances out the proportions of my hips in the sarong here. I also adore my bracelets; the one with the red gem and filigree-detail is vintage. The cuff - also very Khaleesi-inspired - is actually two butterflies put together.

So what do ya think; would you ever wear a sarong as more than just a beach cover-up?

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  1. you look so beautiful & badass!

    I love the way some women can pull off a sarong as a skirt- yours is gorgeous- but I got one in Africa a long time ago and it drove me nuts. I couldn't handle how it always either felt too tight or like it was falling off!


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