Saturday, July 5, 2014

TBP's Four Fave Looks Via Instagram

 The Basic-Not-So-Basic Dress 

I've been itching to do a blog post but no new photos for ya yet! (But don't worry - bunches and bunches of ideas) Instead, I figured I'd work my #OOTD instagram photos from the past few months… then I realized I could CATEGORIZE THEM. Of course, then I realized I'd look like an egotistical psycho. Lots and lots of Lindseys. But a psycho with a pretty extensive closet. With all honesty, I don't think it's that big but then looking at 20 outfits and seeing only 2 clothing pieces repeated (the green pencil skirt) - well, okay then! Not too shabby. Here is some of my favorite looks that I wear on the daily. Enjoy! 

If you could categorize your looks what would your 4 groups be??
 The Floral Maxi 

 The Pencil Skirt 

 The High-Waisted Skirt 

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  1. you look wonderful in all of these! my favourites are the red & hot pink dresses- you look so good in those colors. :)

    my categories would be kind of similar to yours: brightly printed dresses, flouncy skirts + simple tops, pencil skirts. that's about it, haha. I stick to what I know works.


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