Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Basics

These have been my summer basics on repeat. Whenever I just have no clue what the occasion calls for, I grab this. It fits into my casual vibe I've been feeling lately but just dressy enough for going out. I love that it's also subtly sexy with the transparent-gauzy material of the shirt. I can't get enough of blue and white (as you might have heard me mention before) or embroidery details. I saw this shirt and HAD TO HAVE IT (it didn't hurt it was only $5! Bam!) And of course, my H&M hat. I wear that thing as much as I can! 
My favorite favorite nude wedges died on me and a single sad tear fell down my face when I had to finally admit I needed to get rid of them. I traded them out for these slides and honestly, I'm just as much as in love with these. They remind me of Bianca and Danielle from Kastor & Pollux. Time will tell if they are as comfortable as my old wedges. 
What are your summer basics right now?

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