Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Highlighter Dress & Perfection

3 things:
1. You know what's stupid? Sometimes when my posts come out as "subpar", I won't like that outfit later. I'll view the quality of the photos, the lighting, the fact that I look "chubby" and decide it must be the clothes. I think fashion photographers needs to have an eye for detail but sometimes I have to remind myself that nothing is perfect. 

2. On that note, these photos weren't my favorite. I chose a gray wall background to be simple with this neon dress but it ended up coming out very flat. So I put myself underwater! Why not? Water is calming for me, lol. I like that it looks like I'm at the bottom of a swimming pool, even if it's weird. 

3. This dress!! It's not perfect either. It's made in Korea which means it was made for ladies with smaller busts and arm-pits; the fitting at the top is a wee-awkward. Also the fact that the grid isn't lined up kinda drives me crazy. But whateves. It was $10. I saw it and wanted it. I love the colors (I haven't really participated much in the neon trend) and I've been dying to try out the looser-romper-style dresses that Keiko Lynn and Noelle have perfected wearing.

1 comment:

  1. I love the water effect! I thought you were at an aquarium or something. such a cool idea to spice up a boring backdrop!

    I know what you mean about pictures making you like an outfit less. sometimes there are days when it seems like every picture is a bad/boring one and I wind up thinking "is that really how I look?" gah. but some things are just better in person. :)
    and I think your neon dress is cute!


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