Saturday, August 23, 2014

Belly Dancer

I got this crop top at a clothing swap and have been wearing it ever since; I'm obsessed. I want it in every color. First off, I love that it has a high neckline so I don't have to worry about showing belly skin and cleavage. Secondly, I love how high it ties because it makes the focus on my shoulders. Since moving to Singapore, I have been busting my butt swimming every morning to firm up a little. After the first few months of seeing noticeable results, it's kinda slowed down. Except my shoulders and arms; I'm starting to get traps as big as the Hulk and honestly, I'm okay with that! 

When I wore this crop top out the other day, a friend was commenting how much she loved that I wore crop tops because… and then she stopped herself. I started laughing because I knew what she had intended on saying. I encouraged her to just go out and say it, I wasn't offended. She basically wanted to say it was refreshing to see a non-model size girl rock a crop. But I told her and I'll tell you, too - YOU can wear one! Regardless of what size you are. 

To "get away" with wearing a crop top and not having a 6-pack, I wore this high waisted (and elastic!) maxi skirt. Have you noticed it has SEQUINS AND MIRRORS ON IT??? I'm sparkly and shiny. But it doesn't stop there, my friend. THERE IS A BELL ON THE WAIST TIE. I sparkle, shine and JINGLE. The sequins keep falling off so there's a trail behind me whenever I wear it. It's sad that I'm shedding part of the specialness of the skirt (even though I'll still wear and love it without) but I do like the idea of my own glamorous bread crumbs, sorta speak. 

What are you wearing with your crop tops this summer?


  1. Oh my gosh, you look fantastic. I have such a tough time finding a good crop top - but you're right. This one is perfect!!!!

  2. you look amazing! that skirt is so special- I love how you described it as leaving glamorous bread crumbs! what a great phrase.

    as someone who is most definitely NOT model thin, I super-love crop tops! they hit me at just the right place, and go great with high-waisted bottoms. I think the silhouette is so flattering. crop tops; not just for six packs!


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