Monday, December 22, 2014

The Huntsman and Her Dog

Here's my first post in America!!! I am so so happy to be home with my family, my friends, and my fur babies. I'm also excited to be able to show you a few winter looks! 

Because I don't have any winter-appropriate clothing in Singapore, I've been borrowing a lot of clothes from my mom's beautifully organized walk-in closet. It's pretty much perfection because she's the same size as me, has exceptional taste (who did you think I got my taste from??) and it challenges me to explore new styles I wouldn't have picked out for myself. 

My mom got this blazer at a consignment shop back in the 90's when consignment stores weren't the thing they are today (like perfectly curated vintage boutiques or Plato's Closet). She said that even when she bought the blazer it was already probably a decade old. And now 25+ years later, this jacket has stood the test of time - in style and in quality. I absolutely love the 1940's British Huntsman vibe it has. The tweed, the pockets, the tailored sleeves and how it cinches perfectly in the waist - sublime. 

To keep the hunting vibe going, I wore my amazing riding boots, a little horn pin, a bird pin, and then my very own hunting dog! 

This is Ricky, one of the three loves of my life, my puppies. He's a rescue dog that's part Jack Russell and boy, does he love to hunt! I'm actually surprised at how docile and calm he is in these photos. All three of my dogs have distinct personalities; Ricky is the sweet, sensitive one that nuzzles his face into mine and barks to get extra affection. I am eating it all up! 

I can't wait to show you more winter and holiday looks while I'm in Georgia. Hope you're having just as relaxing and happy holiday break as I am! 

Blazer: Consignment Shop | Scarf: Korea | Jeans: Cello | Boots: DSW | Jewelry: Mom's 

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