Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Santorini, Greece: In Oia

The Trip 
Two years ago, one of my closet friends, Kristen said, "I'm going to graduate with a master's in the summer of 2015. Let's meet in Europe for a celebratory trip." 

Of course, I quickly agreed. Europe? A best friend vacation? Travel? It was a no-brainer. But you know how life gets in the way sometimes. Jobs, money, time, surprises… they can be a real kill-joy. But with planning, saving, effort and the stars aligning - it actually happened!! 

Kristen flew from our home town of Atlanta to Athens (with a week "layover" in Rome, the lucky duck) and I flew from Singapore to Athens to meet her at the airport. (If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen I also had an extended layover in Istanbul). 

We were only in Athens a day before we hopped on a short flight to Santorini to see the most beautiful summer sights. 

Santorini, Day One
We actually stayed at Kamari Beach (more on that later) on the other side of the island because we couldn't afford to stay in Oia. Oia is famous for it's iconic views and blue and white adobe buildings tucked up high in the mountains. I can really appreciate a country who strives to match their endless blue sky and dark navy waters with their buildings. 

The real story behind the white buildings is that it's rrrreeeeal hot y'all and ya know, white reflects the sun. If you look closely, you can see my shimmery sheen of sweat glow in the photos. Take into consideration, it's ME saying "hot" - while living on the equator in the jungle (aka Singapore) and having grown up with the Southern humidity of Georgia. 

We took a local bus (less than 2 euros) to main town of Fira and then took another bus up the windy mountain roads through the countryside to the main center of Oia. We spent the day oooo-ing and ahhh-ing, poking into all the clothing and jewelry boutiques and exploring all the little side streets. I don't think there was a bad view in Oia or an ugly alleyway. 

The Outfit 
Clearly heat was a huge factor when deciding what to wear. Nothing is more perfect than a light cotton sundress. This one from Cotton On did just the trick and obviously it was even more perfect that it matched the town! 
My hair is pretty thin and sweat makes it gross really fast (it's one of my sexiest talents, I can assure you) so I wasn't going to even BOTHER styling my hair. A ponytail and a vintage scarf is my favorite summer way to accessorize and deal with the heat. 

Another trick of mine for accessorizing and is to not even bother with necklaces. When I'm outside all day, the last thing I want is a slow, suffocating death from something around my neck. Makes me claustrophobic just thinking about it. So nope. Instead, I go for an bracelet party! This one I wore the whole time I was in Greece and loved the mix of bangles and tassels. Finished the outfit off with some vintage-inspired shades, my trusty comfy walking sandals. 

What are your favorite ways to accessorize during summer?

Stay tuned for more Greece posts coming up and thanks for dropping by! :)  


from Kristen's Instagram
Dress: Cotton On ( sold out, similar design) | Sunglasses & Bracelets: Cotton On | Shoes: Rack Room (similar) | Scarf: Vintage

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  1. Your dress is beautiful! Santorini pictures look lovely - I have always wanted to visit!

    - Deniz

  2. These pictures are stunning, Oia is definitely a dream destination of mine. That dress was made for you!

  3. You look gorgeous! Santorini is immaculate! I hope to visit there, someday. <3

    - Anna


  4. i am in love with your outfit. The floral print looks great on you.

    Duty Free Dame | Bloglovin

  5. I'm totally with you on having to look good while traveling! Love the dress and headband - perfect combo for Greece.



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