Saturday, September 20, 2014

Aussie Style

Moving to Singapore introduced me to something I wasn't expecting: Australia. It's the nearest trend-setting, large, English-speaking country to Singapore so naturally there's a lot of imports from Down Under. I also instantly (though sadly, temporarily) got a coworker, a roommate, and a good friend all three from Australia. It's been an education I've really enjoyed for many reasons but obviously the primary reason is always about style. I think Man Repeller says it best (although not the only media entity to notice their style recently): 
"They’ve mastered the art of looking cool... but Australians do laid-back differently... beach-aware if not somehow permanently beach-ready. Oddly enough their mode of dress seemed to reflect their personalities just as easily as their tans absorbed the sun. Good style seemed inherent. It wasn’t calculated, just ingrained."
I mean, helloooo who doesn't want that?
I'm not saying I've mastered it by any means but I'm starting to get a taste of what Singapore is going to teach me satorialistically (I don't think that's technically a word). Korea taught me how to feel comfortable in mini skirts and blazers and how to be unapologetic about wearing incredibly feminine and dressy attire to the grocery store. Singapore might teach me how to dress boldly but with ease and effortlessness. At least that is the goal. 

Another thing I've picked up from being in Singapore is two of my favorite Australian imports (no, it's not Veggiemite). It's Cotton On and Lovisa. Cotton On only has the most suburb (and cheap!) basic tees like this one pictured (I'm starting a pretty vast collection). Lovisa is a funky accessory store who has knock-out clearance sales, like when I bought this necklaces for $9!

So what are your thoughts on the Aussie style?

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  1. Great post on Aussies' and I adoree this outfit + color combo!

  2. um ok, the tee + necklace are super cool, but I'm dying to know about that skirt! it's so pretty! sadly, I'm sure it's from somewhere in the far reaches of East Asia... poor me!

    I love the idea of laid back, effortless-cool style. I think people who pull off that look have style just oozing from them. I admire it. I don't really think I'm one of those people... I just end up looking sloppy. :S you look great, though!


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