Friday, January 16, 2015

At the Lake

For my family, thrift store shopping isn't just a way to get cheap things. It's practically a religion. And when I go home, I have to always go at least once to my favorite Goodwill. I will ravenously thrust back hanger after hanger looking for the perfect pieces hidden on the rack. My mom and I will pile mountains of clothes in our buggy and then try it ALL on. It's time consuming but we've got it down to a science. So when I put this little white number on, my mom said, "Oh, you'll get a lot of use out of that. You'll love it." I was thinking of wearing it over my swim suit or for beach days. But when I bought a beige-colored slip to use with some of my finicky skirts, it occurred to me I could wear it under the dress and I could wear it ANY day!

The tradition in Singapore for Chinese New Year is to go through your house and get rid of old things you don't need and clean everything. Very similar to spring cleaning but in preparation for their new year. I've been doing that and when I was going through all my unorganized jewelry, I found this necklace. I made/designed it a couple years ago and can't believe I could have forgotten about such a lovely piece. I paired it with this fantastic set of bracelets my friend got me. When I opened the packaging and pulled it out, I said, "Ohhh. This is so perfect for me." Her response? "I know." Lol! I love when my friends know my taste. :) 

What things are you doing to get prepared for the new year? 

Dress: Goodwill | Shoes: Rack Room | Necklace: Handmade | Sunglasses & Bracelet: Gift
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