Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter Wheat

My house back home (I guess it's technically my parent's house now but I will always think of it as mine) is filled with all these delicious vintage things. I was bound to love all things old when you have old ships, Grandfather's varsity jacket, and deteriorating books hanging from the walls and on the shelves. I really really wanted to do a photo shoot with our vintage typewriter, but alas time just slipped away from me. Luckily, I got these shots! My mom has 3 brownie cameras. As a kid I was fascinated by them and wanted to fix 'em up and use them. 

My brother took these photos at a field near our house. After living in cities for four years, I keep forgetting how rural everything back home feels in comparison. I always think of the suburban shopping centers and the busy highway with all the restaurants, Wal-Marts and such but I forget that when you turn down a road you run into beautiful hilly fields and maybe even a few horses, goats or cows! 

Skirt: Korean Thrift Store | Tights: Target | Shoes, Cardigan, Blouse, Scarf: Mom's closet
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