Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Boat House

I've been wanting to take photos at this location for a while now. I must admit I was definitely inspired by Rebecca from The Clothes Horse and her dreamy, woodsy, vintage styled photos (pictured below). We live near a beautiful lake and it's been nice taking advantage of it during the cooler Singaporean "winter" before it heats up. One of these days I'm going to convince Stephen to actually get in a kayak on the lake with me; I don't have a great track record with paddling so I'll let him have all that fun! 

Most of my pieces are from Singaporean thrift stores, the shoes from one in the U.S. The necklace is actually a monocle (which I wish I had displayed for you more clearly now) which was used by a great-uncle in my family. My mom has had this in her jewelry case for as long as I remember and eventually I got my hands on it. 

Skirt & Blouse: New2U | Shoes: Uptown Cheapskate | Hat: Salvation Army | Belt: H&M
Photos: one & two

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